Blog reboot: Now running on Thesis Theme for WordPress

After three effin’ days of wracking my brains out and juggling, crunching, mixing and messing around with PHP and CSS codes, I present to you folks a rebooted The Four-eyed Journal. Yay!

You’ve guessed it right, this blog is now running on the Thesis framework theme for WordPress. It took me months to save up on the precious ad earnings to finally purchase a license for Thesis so to all those who advertised on this blog and to those who bought text ads via TLA, a big shout-out to all of you!

Well worth every penny of it

Now I understand why premium themes are so steeply priced, well for the average blogger like yours truly. The amount of flexibility, functionality and ‘customizability’ that these themes give you is a testament to the talent, vision and hard work premium theme developers put it into it.

This is not to say that the free theme developers are of a class lower, as some of the best WordPress themes out there are for free, it’s just that there’s only so much you could give away for free. And if you come up with a brilliant product like Thesis or this blog’s previous theme Vigilance PRO, the price is well worth it.

A messy work in progress

I’m still trying to come up with a name to dub this ‘version’ of The Four-eyed Journal. Thesis has given me so much room for customization, the amount of custom code currently employed is enough to produce a new theme on its own. And if the code is given a thorough clean-up and optimization, I could release it as a new skin for Thesis. Which I am planning to do in a few months’ time.

A warning though, my CSS and PHP skills are just a notch above of a n00b’s which explains why some elements of the design are way off. Have you noticed the sidebar? Something’s telling me the styling still needs a lot of work. I know you’d agree with me and if you have suggestions this blogger is all ears.

The layout of the ads are reminiscent of the previous design’s and since I want to have a completely new look and feel, expect to see those ad units come and go or run around the site. Again, if you have suggestions I’d be very grateful to hear them.

The commenting system has reverted to the WordPress’ own. I’m actually torn between sticking with IntenseDebate for good or not. On one hand, I like it because of the functionalities it offers like allow readers like yourself to comment using your social networking accounts without much fuss. On the other, I kinda hate IntenseDebate looks by default and using a custom CSS style for it would be like hacking and customizing Thesis all over again. Here’s another area where you could help me out. Again, suggestions are so much welcome.

What’s next?

A couple of more elements will be added over the next few days, as I continue to refine and tweak this new version of the The Four-eyed Journal. Also, thanks to some of the awesome features of Thesis, I’m going to try out a new way of blogging which involves videos. I’m excited and scared about it. But hell yeah, I’m going for it so watch out.

Well that’s about it for now. Thank you for having read this far down. If you have questions, comments or see something broken please say so via the comments below this post.

Until then, have a great weekend everyone!

6 Replies to “Blog reboot: Now running on Thesis Theme for WordPress”

    1. Trust me, you’re not the only one. Though I’m curious as to why you made that move?

      Thesis is not for everyone, just like any other WP theme out there. But for now, it suits my needs and preferences perfectly.

  1. I use Thesis as well. Used to use Intense Debate until I tried Disqus. It’s a lot better and more sites use it. Also, it’s super easy to migrate all your comments over from ID.

    1. I use Disqus on my Tumblr and ID here a few months back. Moved back to WP’s own commenting system because I’m not entirely sold on relying on 3rd party commenting system just yet.

      Then used some CSS and PHP tweaks to spice up the comments thread here all thanks to Thesis.

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