Blog Herald searches for a blogger-in-need

It’s a bit late to break this news from the Blog Herald, but here it goes.

In the spirit of sharing and giving, The Blog Herald is looking for a blogger-in-need. Someone who is in need of some financial help whether be it personal or something directly related to blogging; like paying for the hosting, getting a new web-host or launching a new web project that would in due time help that blogger earn something to make ends meet.

With $200 and a link to their blog from The Blog Herald, the lucky blogger will definitely be blessed this coming new year. Qualifications are:

The criteria for the winning blog is only that it should be helping to make our world a better place. This can be achieved in many different ways, from increasing our awareness as a society, being a symbol of hope through example or more obvious ways- such as fund raising or research.

As I commented in The Blog Herald; I don’t know if I should apply, and I don’t even know if the deadline has already passed the deadline is midnight of December 31, because I’m already blessed with a free + hosting, though the price money is very tempting, it’s enough to get me that digi-cam I’ll need for my undergrad thesis next year.

I also don’t know if this blog of mine fits the criteria. I try to incorporate some social value to most of my posts with the main goal of increasing awareness about biotechnology, health and medicine research and how these topics could help us improve our lives. With that said, I suppose it’s better to leave it up to the judges from the Blog Herald. I’ll be thinking about this until the December 28, until then good luck to all those who would join! 😀

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