Blog Action Day Feb. 25, 2010: The Real Heroes of EDSA

On the real anniversary of the first EDSA Revolution, KABATAAN Partylist is inviting everyone to blog about the stories about the real heroes of of EDSA: the common folks who joined the peaceful movement that brought down the Marcos Dictatorship.

Most of people in my age were too young to have any real recollection or memory of those historic days, I was just a year old back then, so it would be a nice chance to talk to our uncles, aunts, parents, grandparents who were there or took part in the struggle for restoration of democracy in the Philippines.

It could also be about how they experienced life under martial law because the People Power at EDSA was just a culmination of the long struggle against the Marcos tyranny. You can also post old photos, artworks, newspaper clippings or any other memorabilia from the period. It’s all about telling the people’s side of the EDSA story.

Once your post is published, link back to the KABATAAN blog post about this Blog Action Day event so that a directory of posts could be put together. You’re also free to grab the badge below and put it in your post or blog.

Blog Action Day: The Real Heroes of EDSA

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Relive the spirit of EDSA and retell the story from the people’s point of view.

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