Bitten by the Nexus 5 memory leak bug

After receiving the Android 5.1 update via OTA last week I calmed down. Confidence shot up by a couple of points knowing that my Nexus 5 once more is sporting the latest version of Android. I should be. I’ve never had issues with Android updates in the many years of using Nexus devices. Until now.

Nexus 5 memory leak

While the performance and battery consumption have been improved, well as far as I can tell, my Nexus 5 has seen an increase of restarts and crashes. At first I thought it was because of the many apps I cycle through on a typical day. But no. Even after clearing the previously running apps, my phone would just freeze and a manual reboot would be required. After doing my homework, and this time around really paying attention to the details, I have come to the conclusion that the Android 5.1 update has brought the memory leak bug to my Nexus 5. So much for patiently waiting for the update via OTA.

How does it compare to before updating to Android 5.1? I borrow the words..err, tweet of @FlopNRoll:

Fortunately, Google and the Android team is working on it as news of an Android 5.1.1 update – which finally address this memory leak issue once and for all – is soon to be released. When? Well, it’s from Google so your guess is as good as mine.

Are you also using the Nexus 5? Have you updated to Android 5.1? Are you also suffering from the same issue?

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