BitDefender’s Bit Piracy at its own game campaign

This coming Thursday, November 27, 2007, Asia Pacific College will be hosting BitDefender’s anti-piracy campaign entitled “Bit Piracy at its own game!” The said seminar will also feature the official launching of the 2009 version of BitDefender antivirus software.

It’s a seminar for students that aims to educate them about the pitfalls of pirated security software. True that there are many risks in using pirated security software the greatest of which is being prosecuted under the law because hey, it is a crime.

However, what really keeps Filipinos, especially students, from using licensed software is the price. I recall trying to purchase a licensed copy of PC-Cillin back in 2004 but was stopped dead on my tracks because the price tag would just burn holes in all of my pockets! This is also the reason why I never really tried BitDefender before even though it was so easy to get a pirated copy of it. It’s a good thing free security software had become reliable by then so it became a great alternative.

But these security software like Avast and the one I’m currently using AVG Free edition, lacked some features that ‘big brands’ had and those features come at quite a high price. That’s one of the main reason that despite the availability of free alternatives, pirated security software are still rampant.

BitDefender’s strategy to combat piracy is to offer its security software at a much affordable price to students. That’s why this coming Thursday, at the ‘BIT Piracy at its own game!’ seminar, BitDefender is going to offer its security software for only Php270.00. It’s a good bargain indeed because it currently sells for $59.95 or roughly Php2800 and one could only wish that the other vendors would do the same.

According to BitDefenders’ local partners for this campaign, other schools like De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, UST College of Engineering, and Manila Central University have signed up to host the same seminar. It would be good if De La Salle University – Dasmariñas would host the seminar as well.

This is a good effort in fighting piracy in the country. My best wishes to BitDefender and again, I wish that the other vendors would follow suit and offer special discounted prices to us students. 😀

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  1. Regarding Filipinos not using licensed software because of the price, that's totally true. But that shouldn't be a reason for them to use pirated software. Most commercial programs/software have free or open source alternatives and people especially Filipinos should be educated about these alternatives.

    I admire BitDefender's project. Not only will it be a good marketing campaign for them but also a good way of educating the users and minimizing the use of pirated software.

  2. Hi Jhay,

    We at IPSYSTEMS (Philippine distributor of BitDefender) are happy to know we're being supported in our fight against piracy.

    We'd like to invite all students nationwide, even though who belong to schools not currently participating in the campaign yet, to purchase original BitDefender Antivirus 2009 at the price of Php 270.00 directly from us by sending us an email at In this way, we hope to reach more students across the nation, and to encourage them to purchase original original antivirus protection for their laptops/PCs while they can. The special price of Php 270.00 will only be available until Jan 31, 2009.

    1. Thanks for this information, may I know how will be the payment made for the BitDefender Antivirus 2009? Via bank deposit? PayPal, etc? And how would be able to get the software itself? Via CD or download from the web?

      It would be very helpful to those who are really interested in using a licensed BitDefender AV software.

      1. Hi Jhay,

        Payment can be made via bank deposit. Details are as follows:

        BPI Julia Vargas – Account Name : IPSYSTEMS, INC.

        Account Number : 2431007056

        CHINA Bank Jade Drive – Account Name: IPSYSTEMS, INC.

        Account Number : 1300823119

        The student-friendly price of Php 270.00 does not include any CD

        installer; rather the software can be downloaded from the BitDefender website, or

        Once the payment has been deposited, kindly email or fax to us a scanned copy of the deposit slip, with a copy of the student's ID. We will then send the license key via email as well.

        We'd like to encourage everyone to spread the word and to encourage purchase of original antivirus software while the campaign is on-going (only until Jan 2009)

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