Bio fieldtrip photos, WordPress 2.1 and Cutline 1.1

It’s been quite a long while since I last posted anything new on this blog which could be attributed to the following:

Busy, busy at the university

The mid-term examinations have just passed and with that some major school stuff has kept my hands full since the last time I updated this blog. A Biology field trip of which the photos below were taken and the upcoming student elections are what have kept me away from blogging.

We visited the Carfel Vistamar Marine Museum at Anilao, Batangas. There, we took photos of marine life in its various forms, shapes, sizes and colors. From coral crabs to sea fans to conch shells, from sea urichins to the jaws of a shark; we had the chance of taking an up-close and quite personal look at all of them.

Carfel Marine MuseumAt the Carfel Marine MeseumCoral crabPuffer fish

After visiting the Carfel Museum, we then took a 30-minute bus then jeepney ride to Planet Dive Resort to do what all of us have been waiting for, to swim and do some snorkling! 😀

1st snorkling groupHuman bio students at the dockDog

More photos could be found here, and if you’re one of the Bio or Envi students who were with me during the fieldtrip, you’re free to download the photos for your personal use. Just don’t forget to mention that I took those photos okay? 😉

It’s WordPress 2.1 under the hood baby! 😆

Yup! The Four-eyed Journal has finally made the switch to join the other WordPress blogs to sport its latest version, WordPress 2.1. The upgrade has been postponed mainly because of the plugin compatibility issues, crappy broadband connection and of course free time. It was just this morning that I finally had the time, the will and patience to push through with the upgrade.

After following the upgrade steps: back-up all blog files and data, deactivate the plugins, install the new WP 2.1 files, install the updates to the plugins, doing the actual upgrade then finally, logging in to your WP 2.1-powered blog. Ella just sings to the right tune so far and I’m liking it.

Lastly, the upgrade to WP 2.1 has led many others before me to sport the latest version of this uber cool theme, Cutline 1.1 by Chis Pearson. You may notice little no to difference in the site’s appearance but most of the upgrades are under the hood. Some new features were added to the Four-eyed Journal but more on that in a later post. :mrgreen:

8 Replies to “Bio fieldtrip photos, WordPress 2.1 and Cutline 1.1”

  1. jhay! salamat sa laging pagdaan sa bahay ko.. 🙂 masyado kasing bc lately kaya walang tym eh.. anyways, ingatz na lang lage.. 🙂

    **i know, out of the subject ang comment ko.. hehehe.. :)**

  2. @karmi: Ayus lang yun, buti nga nakakadalaw na rin ako sa blog mo.

    @ade: You should update dude, you're missing a lot.

    @Euri: Traveling is great! Too bad the camera I used was still a film-based SLR, I'm still saving up on a digital SLR camera so that I could take more photos with lesser expenses. 😉

    @ melai: Maganda talga ang WP 2.1 at Zooomr, hindi ko na nga masyado ginagamit ang Flickr account ko. 😆

    @Ashish Mohta: I'm too busy again at school, but I'm itching to blog so I guess I'll log in some extra time in the coming days.

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