Bente: LCDC 20th Anniversary Exhibit

Just this afternoon, the mother office of the student volunteer group I am part of, kicked off their 20th anniversary celebrations by opening the “BENTE: Dalawang Dekada ng Lasalyanong Paglilingkod” an exhibit which features the Lasallian Community Development Office‘s 20 years of history, origins, programs, achievements and awards.

I am part of the organizing team that spearheaded the exhibit. We spent the last two months of 2009 preparing everything for the exhibit from conceptualization, materials production and even the mounting itself. More photos of the launch here.


Along the way, I was able to put my novice Photoshop CS3 + photography skills to the test because I was assigned as the “lead graphics designer”. Would you believe that?! 😉 My task was to photograph each piece of memorabilia the office has under its roof and transform those images into exhibit-ready pieces using Photoshop CS3 and some inspiration from nearby calendars. It was a fun, challenging and learning experience as I was not only able to learn new things and be really creative with Photoshop CS3, but I was also able to learn a lot more about my mother-office’s colorful history and legacy.

DLSU-D students and faculty may visit the LCDC Bente Exhibit at the Aklatang Emilio Aguinaldo and it’s open during the library hours. Along with the exhibit, LCDC has also prepared “Sine Bente” a screening of selected documentaries about the environment, poverty, socio-political advocacies and many more.

With this, we hope that many more Lasallians will learn about the colorful history of LCDC and the Lasallian Mission of social transformation which we will continue to struggle for the next twenty years and beyond.

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