Being Vice President is boring and Binay is bored

Just like how Ms Connie Veneracion started her latest blog post about Vice President Jejomar Binay, I’d like to offer some disclosures:

I’m not a Binay fan/supporter. My wife is, and because of this we frequently get into an argument about him, with me saying that Binay is no different from the other traditional politicians despite the things he did for Makati City.

So now that’s out of the way, I’d like to go into the topic of this post. I’d just like to unload the thoughts I’ve been harboring about the Vice President of the Philippines and all the buzz he is causing because of his frustrated desires to become DILG Secretary, his wishes to take over the Coconut Palace as his new office and the latest, his interest in having an official residence for the Vice President of the Philippines.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but among those who had served as Vice President, Jejomar Binay is one of those who had been getting much attention to himself, from the media, pundits and the public.

But I suppose VP Binay cannot help it. After all, having been an executive official for the great majority of his career as a politician, being Vice President has left him with nothing to do. Precisely because being Vice President, he’s not required to do anything other than to step in just in case the President becomes incapacitated, impeached or dies.

Try putting yourself in his shoes, being a city mayor for seven terms, serving as Chairman of the MMDA once and leading the Boy Scouts of the Philippines as its President, these have given him a busy occupation, exercising control and supervision over bureaucracies with hundreds if not thousands of subordinates. Now that is all gone or heavily reduced to simply waiting around to take over role of Chief Executive once the incumbent vacates it.

This is the reason why he wanted to become DILG Secretary. To continue doing the things he did as Makati City mayor but to the whole country. Unfortunately for him, President Aquino had other ideas for that post. So he went back to being a spare tire to the Presidency.

But there’s nothing that really nothing he could about this. The Constitution designed it to be this way. It didn’t even give the Vice President any executive power or other specific role more exciting than waiting in line to be Chief Executive.

So it might be a wise step to change this in the next revision of the 1987 Constitution. Why don’t we simply copy the American model and make the Vice President the Senate President by default. It give more bang for the buck for the salary given the VP and it will help reduce the political horse-trading in the Senate.

We’ve seen Binay as Mayor and MMDA Chairman. It would be interesting to see him presiding over the Senate as its President.

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