Before Fr Jejemon, there was Fr Bean

According to a report by the Inquirer, senior Church leaders have forced Philippine King of Comedy Dolphy to edit his upcoming movieFr Jejemon‘ and remove the offending scenes:

First was the scene where he was giving out the sacred host to mass goers and Dolphy accidentally dropping the host on to the woman’s cleavage. Another scene showed the host being stuck in a woman’s dentures.

Before there was Dolpy’s ‘Fr. Jejemon’, there was Fr. Bean, as in British comedic genius Rowan Atkinson doing the same thing – using the host in a comedic performance.

The video was posted in YouTube last 2008 but the live performance took place before that, and lo, the Church did not lift a finger and called for a censorship of Rowan Atkinson.

After that sketch by Rowan Atkinson, there were numerous other performances that involved priests and religious items in the act.

So why zoom in on Dolphy now? The CBCP may cry foul all they want, even tell parishioners not to see ‘Fr. Jejemon’ when its premiered, but to actually demand those scenes be edited out of the movie?

Last time I checked, the Filipino bishops were not movie censors tasked by law to give ratings to movies and television shows. That’s what the MTRCB is for.

So again, our dear Bishops have forgotten about the Constitutionally-protected freedom of the press and expression.

Then again, it’s not so much surprising since they could easily forget about morals when they accept donations from state-sanction gambling activities but completely go berserk about jueteng. ‘Nuff said.

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