Becoming an Android fanboy

LG Optimus One Home
GPS set my home city to Manila even though Tagaytay City was much closer.
After a week of being away from this blog, I am now writing this update, well at least the draft, via WordPress for Android. Yes, that means that I am now an Android user, specifically by way of my newest gadget, an LG Optimus One phone.

Picked this baby up last Friday at Fone Style Accessories at SM Bacoor for just 11k. It’s the third day I’m using the LG Optimus One and there has been not a single moment that I regretted choosing it over the BlackBerry Curve 8520, which was my first choice after deciding that I would finally upgrade to a smartphone.

There are a lot of good phones running on Android nowadays so why I chose the LG Optimus One? The price-point was one of the top reasons, the 11,000 I forked over was money well spent. Running on Android version 2.2 or Froyo, while not the latest version, the LG Optimus One is already a good investment on its own.

However, what made the deal for me was the phone’s close integration with Google services like Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Maps. Being a heavy user of Google Apps, the Optimus One was heaven-sent. My email and events are now easily managed from the tips of my fingers everywhere I go.

I tried to do the same thing with my SE K800i but the whole task was tedious, clumsy and did not work most of the time. After setting up and syncing my Google Apps accounts with the Optimus One, I installed Springpad which allows for easy note-taking while on the go. Taking notes might not be that fun an experience on a mobile phone but it’s the opposite on the Optimus One. It sometimes just beckons me to write down ideas that pop in my mind.

Another cool thing that I really like about the Optimus One is that it’s now become an extension of my notebook which runs on Ubuntu Linux 11.04. Both are Linux-based and open-source taking my open-source lifestyle on a full circle. In the following weeks, I’ll brave the attempt of writing my own Android app for more open-source immersion and goodness.

However, for all the great and awesome things I like about the Optimus One there are two things that I do not. First is Android’s battery usage issue. One day of actively using the phone to surf the web, send out tweets, download and install apps would easily drain the battery and thus requiring a battery charge every day.

The second thing is the Optimus One’s not-so-appealing headset. The construction and materials of the headset that came with the phone looked like LG didn’t put that much attention and thought to this element of the kit.

Overall though, I’m very much happy with the LG Optimus One. A feature-packed, Android-based smart phone that wouldn’t break the bank.

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