Back with Firefox 2, AVG 7.5 and a new book

After being off line and away from home for two days I feel that the world has already went so far ahead of me I woke up to a lot new things today. First up was my new set of subjects for the coming second semester. I have a full academic load, well nearly full, and it looks like that I’ll have quite a challenging time to spend time online as compared to before. Then again, for students like me, school comes first. (Yeah right! Right?)

Aside from my new academic load, I have bought a new book. “Doctor on the Boil” by Richard Gordon is hilarious story about a hospital, old men who refuse to give way to the future, and nurse’s skirts getting shorter and shorter. I’ve only started reading the first 4 pages and I’m already close to laughing my head off. Another good excuse to stay off line and not update this blog of mine and enjoy the rest of the semestral break. (Yeah right! Right?…again?)

Speaking of enjoyment, I’m savoring the latest news that the Supreme Court has ‘killed’ the already dead “Malacañang-backed People’s Initiative” spearheaded by the Singaw….Sigaw ng Bayan. At least SC Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban will retire with something to be proud of this coming December. File an appeal they may, but the Singaw…Sigaw ng Bayan folks better shut up and accept the fact that their fool-hardy attempt at subverting democracy is dead and deserves nothing more than flowers fitting of the coming Halloween season.

Still on enjoyment, Firefox 2 has been keeping a smile on my face for the past two hours now ever since I updated to it and it sure is worth it. Never mind the little bug Sir Yuga and Ade has detected, it works perfectly fine for me. All my plug ins have also been updated to work well with FF2 (sounds like Final Fantasy doesn’t it?) and I’m basking in all of Firefox 2’s glory.

Sorry, No IE7 for me.

The last item in my ‘brand new’ list is the also the latest version of AVG Free anti-virus software. AVG Free 7.5 is out and proud users are encouraged to upgrade to the new version within 21 days (or so the little pop-up reminder says) but I’m sure it would be well worth it. The design and looks have been tweaked and made more pleasing to the eyes, a much simpler layout and best of all it detects viruses, worms and other malware with not much effort and of course it’s free. No need to shell out a single cent for it.

An exciting new semester is fast approaching, a very witty book to read while waiting for it. Couple it with the latest version of your favorite browser and the robust protection from new version of a great anti-virus program, what more could you ask for?

Now that you’ve mentioned it…my very own new notebook/laptop, a MacBook would be a dream come true.

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  1. IM using AVG too. still haven't updated it though. The program is still good until January so as long as the support is there, i have not reason to rush. FF two is out? need to check that out. im still using 1.5

  2. @ ade: I haven't experienced that bug so far and my blog has ajax-powered comments. Strange really..

    @ Tess: I'm actually gathering funds from my relatives to get myself a macbook. lol I got the book from National Bookstore for Php 219.00, a very good price for a very good read.

    @ Trench: I updated now so I wouldn't have to update later on. You should get FF2, it's great!

  3. i use AVG for my laptop for about 5 years now. thanks for the info, i’ll update mine ASAP. bout Firefox 2, i think i’ll wait for a while before i install it coz i need all my extensions to work once i update Firefox. can’t live without my extensions. hehe

  4. Never mind the little bug Sir Yuga and Ade has detected

    It would be better if you used "Abe and Ade has detected".

    The bug's gone now, without me installing/uninstalling anything.

  5. im using AVG but havent update it yet. then we have Avast for our desktop.. I think AVG is better compared to Avast. hehe

    Firefox 2 is really nice kaya lang buggy parin… Ung IE7 sucks, pangit talaga ng UI…

  6. @ jong: Dati Avast din ang gamit ko, pero matakaw sa HD space kaya nagpalit ako ng AVG. Mas mahusay nga ito sa Avast. lol

    Wala pa nama akong nararanasang major bug sa FF2, hindi pa rin ako nag-uupdate sa IE7 at mukhang hindi na talaga. IE sucks, period. 😀

  7. *updated pala dapat. haha

    nakakainis ung FF2, naghahang minsan nakakainis. aun, pero ok naman.. sa IE7 naman, hindi ko ginagamit hehe, pinapancheck ko lang ng iba na ayaw magwork sa FF..

  8. Naghahang sa iyo? Hm…hindi pa nangyayari sa akin yan sa FF2. Just memory leaks from the plugins. Hindi pa pala 100% compatible lahat ng plugins ko sa FF2.

    Hintay na lang ako ng mga small updates. Mozilla at Opera naman ang gamit ko kapag tumitingin ng ibang sites na nagloloko sa FF. Ayaw ko na talaga sa IE, hehehe

  9. i’ve already updated the AVG & Firefox on my laptop and also the Firefox for my desktop. at first i was a bit apprehensive to update it to FF2 coz of the thought of losing my extensions but i found out that all the extensions i needed were compatible with it. 😀

  10. I had the same worries Jaypee. I never installed FF2 until it was the final release version. I had enough of beta testing browsers when Flock trashed my bookmarks and messed up my pc. 😉

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