Back to using JDarkRoom – distraction-free writing tool

Well, I’m back to using JDarkRoom, a distraction-free text editor based on Java. Took me quite some time to figure out how to install Java on Ubuntu 10.10 but since this post was written using JDarkRoom means I succeeded.

No-fuss app that simply pushes you to write
Truth be told, I’ve been searching for a neat and simple writing tool every since I made the switch back to Ubuntu Linux as my main OS. Primaly for offline blogging but the most of the desktop blogging apps for Linux didn’t appeal to me. Some where to complicated to install while some didn’t allow me to simply ‘connect’ to my current WP-powered blog and insisted on creating a new one on my VPS.

Then there was NeverNote, the ‘clone of EverNote for Linux’, it worked well but after a few weeks, a bug kept on rearing its ugly head and instead of helping me to write, it was needing my help to get fixed. So after I did a fresh install of Maverick Meerkat, NeverNote was amongst the few apps that didn’t make a comeback.

In short, another thing I miss about using Windows, particularly Vista is the Live Writer which was everything what I needed for offline blogging. But sadly, no one has made an equivalent app for Linux that could be on par with Live Writer.

Luckily, I remembered about JDarkRoom while browsing the archives of OMG! Ubuntu. So I headed on to their website and downloaded the .jar file which when I tried to run brought me back to beginning of this post; Ubuntu 10.10 doesn’t ship with Java. A minor inconvience but leaves me wondering why is it so, when on the other hand Flash is included in Ubuntu out-of-the-box.

A topic I will leave up to the hardcore geeks to discuss as I am now happy with what I have; a no-fuss writing app that let me do just that, write with not much fuss.

Let’s hear fellow Ubuntu users, which app do you use to get your writing done? Do share for that what we Ubuntu users thrive on, sharing.

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  1. Ubuntu has been my primary OS for three years now, and I'm more than content with gedit. If I want the 'distraction-free experience', I can simply hit F11. 😀 And the colors are configurable too; I also prefer white text on a dark screen when writing.

    I've not really read anything on the topic, but I think the decision to move the proprietary Sun version of the Java Runtime Environment to a separate, not-activated-by-default 'partner' software repository is ideologically motivated. The free software die-hards would love it if we were to use the OpenJDK version instead.

    1. I've tried gedit on full screen and it does the job as well, but I use it mainly for taking quick looks into code and doing minor edits.

      Can't quite put my finger on it but I think OpenJDK were the default JRE in previous versions of Ubuntu. I could be wrong though.

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