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After a week of being forced into a blogging hiatus, yours truly is back to updating this blog with tech geeky-ness and social commentary. Where have I been you ask?

At school, busy with the recently concluded school elections for the University Student Council of DLSUD. I was not a candidate but I’m one of the prime movers in the elections being the head of SENTRO Political party. It’s been a tiring, draining and difficult campaign, but the journey was sure worth it. We’ve had great success at the polls this year compared to the last, I’d say 195% improvement! 😀

So I’d like to thank our party members, supporters, alumni, friends and allies for all the support, assistance and for trusting in us. I’d bet my life on this, if there’s one party that can be called a genuinely progressive student political party in DLSUD, it’s SENTRO Political party. Our gratitude to you all is boundless and we continue the with commitment of giving genuine student service to DLSUD and the Lasallian family.

I’d be talking more about the school elections in the coming posts. Besides that, I’d be publishing more commentary about the coming national 2010 elections which have been stocked up in the drafts folder for so long! Of course, there’s the usual dose of tech-related stuff and I’m back to blogging about my favorite anime series Naruto.

Many thanks as well to those who still follow and visit this blog. I missed talking to you all! Now that I’ve broken the silence and removed the cobwebs around here, I look forward to good times ahead.

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