Baby bottle that heats itself up

Would-be parents and even those who are currently nursing their little ones would jump in joy as an awesomely clever new baby bottle is about to make the whole exercise of feeding your baby so easy and convenient.

The ingenious baby bottle does this by heating the milk up to breast milk temperatures in just 60 seconds by itself. No electricity, no batteries just by itself.

How the self-heating baby bottle works
How the self-heating baby bottle works

The Yoomi bottle is a product out of the frustrations of parents-inventors Farah and engineer Jim Shaikh from stumbling around the kitchen in the dead of the night just to warm up milk for their first-born child some 6 years ago.

‘The button activates the process that turns the non-toxic solution from liquid to solid, during which it gives off heat. It can be recharged after use by immersion in boiling water or a steam steriliser.’

The bottle has a heating element that is self-sealed and sits inside the bottle under the teat. When it’s tipped, the cold milk flows on the groves and channels on the exterior of the heating element and by the time it reaches your baby, it has already been warmed up to just the right temperatures for his enjoyment and benefit.

Maybe the same principle and heating-device could be fitted in coasters or cups and used to heat other drinks on-the-fly. It’s just brilliant!

This clever new baby bottle sells for £22 and will hopefully be available world wide by the time my child comes along, in the future, of course.

Via DailyMail

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  1. Very clever. Is it available in our malls now? Like you said, this heating element could also be used in a lot of ways like for coffee or tee cups, etc. I wonder if there's also a similar product for cooling juice drinks, cola, etc.

    1. It's only being sold in the UK for now. I'm sure it would be a hit once it arrives in our country.

      That cooling drinks would be a clever version of this ingenious device. Imagine that, cooling beer with no ice! 😀

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