Atomic Tom performs “Take Me Out” in New York Subway

With the advent of New Media, people have found new ways to generating buzz and attention towards the things that they do or the cause they support. One common tactic is a flash mobilization of people in public places where there’s lots of people, like malls, parks even schools.

Some are random and the result of everyone simply showing up at the designated place and time then doing what they have to do. The effect is dramatic as the unsuspecting public cum audience are surprised and awed by the sudden turn of events. However, some are not totally random or spontaneous. Some have been planned days or even weeks ahead of time.

A band in New York did just that when they staged a lightning live performance in a subway train. Atomic Tom performed “Take Me Out” using no conventional musical instruments carried by a rock band, but instead each member had an iPhone 4 loaded with a special app that simulated the instrument they regularly played. Check out the video below:

The video has gone viral on the internet. Giving the band good exposure and interest to promote their upcoming gigs and their music. Another demonstration of how iconic the iPhone has become.

I wonder if another band or group would answer back, but using Android-powered phones instead. Now that would be awesome!

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