ASUS Padfone = smartphone + tablet device

Why not? I know some who are torn between getting a smartphone or tablet device because they want features that are found on both devices but not on a single one.

So here comes Asus, the company who created the netbook category and launched millions of small notebook PCs that were the craze a few years ago, daring to do what no one else has done, taking the smartphone and tablet and putting them together in an almost-single device – the aptly named Padfone.

Introduced at the Computex IT trade fair in Taipei Monday, the Padfone features a smartphone and tablet device combo that allows users to make the usual phone calls, send and receive messages using the 4.3-inch smartphone component, then allowing for mobile browsing and video consumption once the smartphone is docked with the 10.1-inch tablet dock.

The Padfone runs on Android but the final specs of the device has been kept secret by ASUS. They even said that the final dimensions have not been settled yet, so expect more things to come from ASUS with regards to this novel idea.

Question now is, would the Padfone set another trend as did the Asus Eee PC?

Aside: Who’s better at product unveiling theatrics? Steve Jobs or ASUS chairman Jonney Shih? 😀

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