Aside from Washington DC, try visit Toronto

So you’re not keen on visiting Washington DC. What about Toronto, Canada? What’s there to visit?

Aside from being Canada’s economic hub and a major global city, Toronto has highly developed finance, business services, telecommunications, transportation, media, arts, software production and medical research industries. Of course, there’s more, there’s plastic surgery in Toronto offered by Dr. David Ellis who’s an experienced cosmetic surgeon with board certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

At his office in Toronto, Canada, Dr. Ellis offers a variety of aesthetic cosmetic surgery procedures including traditional plastic surgery procedures like facelift, forehead lift, midface elevation, rhinoplasty, and chin and cheek augmentation. He also offers less-invasive rejuvenation procedures like Botox and other injectable fillers, photodynamic therapy, treatment with radiofrequency and laser technology, lifting of the jowls, neck and cheek mounds using delicate threading sutures, needle liposuction, S-lifts and neck lifts.

Simply visit their website for more information or better still, visit Dr. Ellis’ office right in Toronto.

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