Are your plugins WordPress 2.1 compatible?

WordPress and design guru Lorelle VanFossen has an interesting post about what bloggers, those who use WordPress as their blogging platform, could expect from the upcoming WordPress version 2.1. This upcoming release has been in the buzzlines since last year and is said to be a major step forward for the WordPress platform in terms of core coding and the the way it relates to the MySQL database.

This has gotten many WP users excited, including me but after a while those who had a longer experience of using this sort-of ‘default’ blogging platform had come to realize that jumping right into WordPress 2.1 from WordPress 2.0.6 or later is really not a good idea.

Jens, a commenter on Lorelle’s post has a good summary of what I mean:

I’m very interested in WP 2.1 – but I think most WP-based blogs will not immediately switch to WP 2.1, because some minor bugs will only be known when the final version is released and therefore most people will wait for WP 2.11 or so.

I believe she he meant ‘people will wait for WP 2.1.1‘ instead of WP 2.11, but still, her words offer a grain of good thinking and sound advice. Asides from the preliminary bugs that will be encountered in the wild once WP 2.1 does become available, another major concern that would prevent bloggers from immediately making the upgrade would be the plugins’ compatibility issue.

Again this has already been talked about since last December, Aaron Brazell has asked ‘Is your plugin naughty or nice?‘ over at the WordPress development blog wherein he first mentioned about the changes in WordPress 2.1 are MySQL related. This has gotten developers into working extra hard to make their respective plugins compatible with WP 2.1 and so has lessened the worries for end-users, at the very least.

For our convenience the WordPress Codex blog has a partial list of plugins compatible with WordPress 2.1 (Beta 1 at present) so it’s a good idea to check it out in preparation for the upgrade.

Now of all the plugins I use to keep this blog running smoothly, I’m a bit concerned that so far, only 10 out of 27 plugins running under the hood of this blog is included in the list that are compatible with WordPress 2.1

They are the following:

Guess it’s time to get in touch with the developers of the other plugins I use and remind them to upgrade their plugins, otherwise I’d be in a lot of trouble along with the other bloggers.

Which brings me to mind, what are your plugins that are WordPress 2.1 compatible? What are not? Do we have the same numbers? It would be helpful to let all of us bloggers and developers to know.

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  1. Yes, I meant 2.1.1 instead of 2.11!

    But I must ask to change your posting – since I am not a "she". Jens is the scandinavian short form of "Johannes", which is known as "Jack, Jacky, Johanan, John, Johnny, Jonny, Shawn" in English-speaking countires (according to

  2. Mmmm. I’ll have to check on my plugins — there aren’t that many but if they don’t work my layout will end up broken. In any case I’m not in too much of a hurry to upgrade. I’m such a lazy blog owner ;p

  3. @ Mia: I'm a bit paranoid about my blog so I update things as soon as the conditions are right.

    When some of the plugins I use doesn't upgrade to be compatible with WP 2.1, I'm going to be in lots of trouble.

    @ karmi: Sa mga nababasa ko, mahalaga ang bagong update, yung WP 2.0.7 dahil sa ilang bugs sa RSS at PHP. Nakakatamad man at mahirap gawin dahil sa bagal ng mga connections ngayon, kailangang gawin. Mahirap na kasing masira ang blog.:shock:

  4. I am not worried about some of the plugins right now.I ma using very few that works with the post.But i am suing some admin plugins which have to be seen.I am not sure if i am ready for 2.1 upgrad though.

    Will have to talk to other first

  5. I don’t usually upgrade my installation of WordPress except when there is a need to. But I hope so, too, that plugin developers will make their plugins 2.1-compatible.

    Usually, the WordPress team posts the compatible plugins for a certain release in their development page.

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