Android L’s enterprise management tools – piling the pressure on BlackBerry

When was the last time we heard something new or exciting from BlackBerry? Apart from the recent appointment of Marty Beard as COO, not much else.

And this quick rundown by Ingrid Lunden over at TechCrunch of where BlackBerry stands right now isn’t all sunshine and rainbows:

BlackBerry’s share price dropped by more than 10% the day after Apple and IBM announced their news. The effect was not helped by the general decline that BlackBerry has seen over the last couple of years as its market share in smartphones as tumbled while Android devices and the iPhone continue to rise. On pre-market trading, BlackBerry’s stock was at $10.13 per share, up some 0.9% on Friday’s closing price.

It’s not just the double-team from Apple and IBM, Android is also making a big push into the enterprise space with the enterprise management tools in the upcoming Android L release.

Android Central’s Jerry Hildenbrand gives a breakdown of what it does:

  • Enable or disable other apps, and set restrictions on them.
  • Configure intents to be forwarded between the primary account and the managed profile.
  • Wipe all the data associated with the managed profile.

And has this to say about its potential:

The new methods of control over Android intents sound very interesting, and may be exactly the secret sauce Google needs to get a foot in the enterprise door. I can see situations where you’re unable to send a Google Drive document to your personal email, nor can you import a file from a non-managed app to a managed one.

Clearly, BlackBerry has been setup for a defining challenge as its competitors have set their sights on its home turf which is the enterprise segment after they have overtaken the Canadian firm in the devices market. Would this be the final battle for BlackBerry’s survival?

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