And now back to the regular programming

5 days of no blogging! This is becoming a habit for me. 😕

Well not really, despite having lots of non-class hours these past few days especially when classes were suspended last Thursday because of the storm my time was eaten away by extra-curricular and social work.

Just this last Wednesday, I was a guest at the general assembly of Genshiken, an anime club in DLSUD, to kick-off the launching of their sparkling new website. Their new site/blog is one of my latest projects in my newest advocacy, using blogs to bring communities closer together. These Lasallian otakus are a great bunch of people, many years younger than me. But thanks to Japanese anime, I’m able to retain my child-like ways with them.

Genshiken new membersDespite the heavy rains, the group still pushed through with their first major project for the semester. It was a great success and the event has already created so much momentum, their new site has had a great jump start. Keep track of their blog as my self and their web team have lots of cool stuff in the offing in the following months.

Speaking of the heavy rains, I really don’t know if I should be thankful for it or not. On one hand it freed me up from the appointments or events I had involvements that Wednesday.

  • First was a debate about feminism which was a project of the Lasallian Women’s Circle and Vox La Salle Debating Society which I am a co-founder.
  • The second event was an open-consultative forum for the students of the College of Business Administration, this time it was organized by the University Student Council’s Advocacy Committee, of which I was appointed to be the committee head.
  • Third was of course Genshiken’s General Assembly in which I was a guest speaker.

All three events were scheduled to take place at exactly the same time! 😯 The caution from my K800i’s calendar telling me that the three events were in conflict with each other was really an understatement. Times like this, I wished I could really perform Naruto’s Kage-bunshin technique (Shadow clone replication) or I had that clone (the weird and evil one or perhaps a mutation) to cover places for me. But the rains brought by typhoon Chedeng helped me and shaved off the consultative forum and the debate from my calendar because both both were outdoor activities. Since there’s no umbrella big enough to cover the whole campus they were postponed at a later date. (insert sighs of relief here)

There’s a big lesson here though, besides taking priorities for my self, all event planners (in my university at the most) should really take the weather report into account whenever they plan for their activities and projects. Sure we may live in the sunny tropics but hey, when it rains here, it really, really pours. Time, momentum, resources and working relations are strained to the limit whenever mother nature decides to unzip and piss rain down on our little efforts. Now who said the weather report was boring and useless?

On the other hand, during days of heavy rain and ugly weather, there’s this fear or hope that classes be suspended. Highschool and elementary students would definitely hope for this but us college studs, err students would take a step back and assess the situation first before saying a word. Finishing an academic load of 20+ units in 5-6 months is no laughing matter so time is of great value here. A day of class suspensions is the equivalent of a long quiz, a graded recitation or 3 chapters of the book. Add in term papers, group reports and in my field, experiments! Argh!!! Curse the effin weather!

So what to do when there are no classes and you can’t go anywhere because mother nature is bitching outdoors? Well, as you can see from what I’ve done you can sit for 9 hours in front of your computer and prowl YouTube for sex scandal videos, make money off the internets, and completely forget about taking a bath change the theme of your blog (Honestly, that’s all what I did). Coincidentally, Shari who’s got an award named after her (awesome!) chose to do the same thing and use the same theme. Notice how I tweaked the headings of my sidebar in order to make it more “human” and less Google-bot slave? It’s a good thing this theme is not among the vulnerable ones.

From experiences like this, college life and storms really do not mix well. What really, really doesn’t mix well are military spies and universities. You go to school to learn the in’s and out’s of life, of society, to meet new different people, exchange ideas that will determine the faith of your life and your country, but how could you maximize all these if you have mysterious heavily-tinted vans roaming around campus and stalking student leaders and students who ‘think differently’ (I might get sued by Apple so there I quoted it). Human Security Act? More like Security-for-GMA Act.

Now why can’t mother nature just suspend her and her minions. Permanently. So that our country could go back to its right programming?

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  1. 5 days without blogging? Where did you go or what were you doing? Hehe

    Right now, I don't think I can go more than two days without blogging. LOL Btw, thanks for the link love. Good thing your theme checked out fine. 🙂

  2. @ jaypee: Time management, I really need to master it. 😆

    @ Ade: Thanks dude.

    @ Manila Freelancer: Haha, it's probably a new record for me, excluding the forced non-blogging days imposed to by Globelines everytime their broadband services get messed up.

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