An open letter to human spammers

Human Spammer
First of all, I’d like to give you a big round of applause. Bravo! Bravo! For a few days now, you have been patient enough to drill into this blog’s archives, look for the popular posts and leave your nicely written, natural-sounding comments.

I must say, hat’s off to all of you. To actually sit in front of your PCs, go blog-hopping and take some time to read the posts and leave comments designed to do one thing: promote the shady site you were paid to. I don’t know what’s the running rate per spam comment these days but I have a feeling the recession continues to be cruel to you.

The only reason why you’re comments are not being immediately published is that being first time commenters, it would be flagged for my moderation first. Meaning, I have to give it my approval before being published on my blog.

Unfortunately, that is where it will end for all of your efforts. As the most powerful anti-spam technology is me, the blogger, experienced enough to know which comment is legitimate and which one is just plain spammy no wonder how targeted to the blog post’s topic and how natural-sounding your comment may be. And no, kissing up to us won’t cut it either.

The reason why your comments still end up being flagged as spam? It’s because we bloggers know that a comment from the same user, from the same IP address and submitted in succession within a short period of time is either flaming or spamming. But you cannot be blamed right? Because you probably have some quota for a day and there’s just so little time get it done.

Second, which really screws it up for you and makes our job of moderating your comments very easy, are the keywords you use as your comment author’s name. Only someone with an IQ of 14 would believe that someone named Zona Casuat, Worker, Pornokontact and Philippine Lotto Community is a real reader who enjoyed the blog post so much he/she was motivated to add his/her two cents’ to it.

Third, the link you provide in the URI field is another dead giveaway. We don’t even need to click on the link to see if it’s just a landing page jammed with more links leading to the main site to which you have been hired or sub-contracted to do a link-building campaign for. A glance on the URI is all it takes for your comment to be flagged as spam.

My suggestion is to get yourself a better job or get your own blog since you have some skill in writing. Why put it to waste spamming blogs? Anti-spam technology is getting better and bloggers are getting smarter, so it would be best if you quit now and do something better with your time and skills. The whole world would be a better place for it.

Yours truly,

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