An early Christmas wishlist for Google Docs

Google Docs has been a great online tool for managing documents instead of just sharing them. There have been many times where it has worked well for my needs especially in school. During those times, my school mates and colleagues in different organizations have been impressed by what Google Docs can do. I’d like to stress out though, that they have just bare scratched the surface on Google Docs.

However, the service could still use a lot of improvements. The good folks at GigaOm has asked their readers for suggestions on what needs to more work for Google Docs to be a better online productivity app:

  • Better folder permissions management
  • The ability to insert cut cells
  • Better selection of functions in Spreadsheets like what you’d find in Microsoft Excel
  • The ability to toggle between rows and columns
  • Multiple criteria for sorting spreadsheets
  • Scheduled backups
  • Reliable sharing
  • Improved drag-and-drop functionality
  • Fewer menus and toolbars and a larger viewing pane in the browser
  • Better document navigation
  • Automatic paragraph numbering
  • The ability to view in outline-only format
  • Editable style sheets
  • The ability to insert shape options
  • No limits on importing data
  • Better integration with desktop applications
  • Faster overall performance, especially when importing complex spreadsheets
  • And please, please above all: play well with Powerpoint.

I join them in bringing this message across to the Google Docs team. Call it an early Christmas wishlist of sorts but if these do become reality, then there would be one more loyal Google Docs user in me.

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