AMD’s Triple-core laptop processors

Dual-core or quad-core? This is the dichotomy new laptop buyers face when looking for a new laptop. We’ve been trained to think that you’re scrimping up on money and thus compromising system performance when you opt for a dual-core notebook.

On the other hand, going for a quad-core laptop does boost your image, but it not only burns a hole through your wallet, it gives you a power-hungry device whose computing power you seldom maximize because you’d mainly use it for sending Tweets, writing a blog and harvesting on Farmville.

AMD has a solution, triple-core processors for laptops:

AMD’s offering would be the first triple-core processors available for laptops. AMD has been offering triple-core processors for desktops and offers only dual-core chips for laptops. Intel offers dual-core and quad-core chips for its laptops and desktops.

Laptops with dual-core processors offer good performance, but adding an extra core helps boost application performance, Grim said. For example, the third core can take on resource-heavy tasks like antivirus scanning while freeing up the other two cores. The chip could also be a power-efficient option to Intel’s quad-core chips, which usually go into power-hungry enthusiast systems.

AMD is also offering triple-core processors to PC makers as a way to differentiate from the usual dual-and quad-core offerings, Grim said.

It does make sense and it seems that the third core would do just what AMD says it would and we’ll end up feeling that the laptop we bought is just right for our budget and needs. Because let’s face it, the dichotomy doesn’t really fit well with what we really do. You really don’t just use your laptop to go online, you do some word processing on it, do some graphics editing and even some video editing. Your dual-core feels like it’s not enough. You end up wanting more.

You go up to a quad-core and you feel like you’ve jumped from a scooter to a pickup truck when what you actually needed was a sedan. Something in the middle has always been a comfortable place for us. Hopefully, AMD would deliver on the Danube chips and give us more choices that are tailor-fit to our needs and budgets.

via ComputerWorld

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