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Found this via Wired News: Study: AIDS Virus Hides in Gut

The AIDS virus hides out inside people’s intestines, researchers said on Saturday in a report that offers new understanding of the incurable infection.

The virus replicates in the lining of the gut and does much of its damage to the immune system there, Satya Dandekar, chairwoman of the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology at the University of California Davis Health System, and colleagues reported.

This is really a big development in the research against AIDS and how to combat the dreaded diseases which man has been fighting for the last 25 years. The study according to the news item, suggests that medical treatment should now focus of the gut mucosa or the intestinal linings where “gut-associated lymphoid tissue accounts for 70 percent of the body’s immune system. Restoring its function is crucial to ridding the body of the virus.”

Since the study has found out that the AIDS virus stays or does most of it damage to the immune system via the intestinal linings, it now reinforces the notion that unsafe sex between homosexuals (anal sex) should be strongly avoided. Another small step towards the defeat of the AIDS disease in humans.


I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.0.4 and everything is now up and running smoothly. Unlike the other previous upgrades, the one thing I noticed with the newest upgrade are the rounded edges for the boxes or widgets inside the ‘Write Post’ page. Below is the screencap of what I mean.


This small tweak to the visuals plus fixes to over 50 bugs are what you will get once you upgrade to the newest security release of WordPress. Again you can get the upgrade via this link.

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  1. nakatulong ng malaki ung AIDS Awareness na ginagawa ngayon ng mga establishments.. diba ung MTV may pa-concert pa.. nagiging aware ang tao sa mga pedeng mangyari,, tapos, ang dami pang research na ginagawa tungkol sa AIDS.. di tulad dati na ayaw man lang pagusapan ng tao..

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