A week of good contents gone

If you haven’t noticed, the front page of my blog is different compared to how it looked like this early morning even to over a week ago. Content-wise, I’ve lost a week’s amount of good posts. The reason? Apparently Ploghost’s “Data Center had an unannounced network downtime” it resulted in my blog being inaccessible for the last hour and a half. Worst of all, it screwed up my database. I just recovered form a major ‘blogout.’

Thank God and the genuises who created the WP Database Backup plugin that now comes standard with every WordPress installation, if it had not been for their brilliant backup, my above-average computer skills, my noobie know-how of WordPress, CPanel, phpMyAdmin, SQL databases and my diligence in backing up my database I would’ve gone totally insane an hour-and-a-half ago.

Also to be honest, I cannot fully go on to rant how pissed off I am, because this blog of mine is hosted on the free .com.ph domain + hosting from Ploghost. Parang ang kapal naman ng mukha ko kung magaalburuto ako dahil sa nangyari na hindi naman maiiwasan at sinasadya dahil sa esensya ay squatter lang ako sa servers nila. But that is life, sh*t does happen. You just have to be prepared and know how to wipe if off your shoe once you do get to step on it, or it gets hurled at you dead center in the face.

I tried to search Sir Yuga’s blog for WP Database backup tips and how-tos but his blog too was inaccessible. It’s a good thing Ploghost’s support was A-class and I was able to get answers fast. Still, it took a lot from me. *sighs*

Just remember guys & gals, back up, back up, back up your blog. Not just your database but all of your files, like plugins installed, the customized themes everything. It’s your only chance of surviving a blog-out and trust me, sooner or later it’s going to hit you.

Until then, I’m off to repost the articles I’ve lost.

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  1. These kind of things are unavoidable, but it does impact the users quite heavily once they get sucked into the ads "100% uptime or reliable servers."

    I like blogger.com, but I love WP. 😀

    We just have to be prepared with backups and all.

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