A second home for your elderly

Gilbert Guide is unique as a long-term care resource for three key reasons. First, Gilbert Guide is the only company that sends industry experts to each facility to conduct thorough onsite reviews. They have a team of experts conducts personal inspections for you so you can proceed with confidence. In addition, facilities must meet specific stringent standards and criteria to be listed in Gilbert Guide.

Second, they do not accept advertising or payment for content from any of the facilities we list, which ensures your access to unbiased reviews. Most other long-term care guidebooks are advertising-based-which means readers can’t count on the objectivity of the content.

And finally, they offer detailed long-term care information for facilities and services in your area. Whereas much of the information out there covers senior care facilities on a national level, Gilbert Guide gets local and specific.

So now, looking for senior home reviews has become easier, reliable, convenient and would give you a peace of mind.

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