A patch to a patch – What?! No thanks I’m on Ubuntu

Windows PatchMicro$oft has just released the the “release candidate” version of its SP3 or Service Pack 3 for Windows XP. Some of my friends have already downloaded it and while I still use Windows XP, I’m not even bothered by this yet again, another patch from M$.

Speaking confidently like this is made possible by one solution, having an alternative OS to run my PC. Sure I can’t get a hold of Apple’s new OS X Leopard, but I have what could possibly be better than XP, and that is Ubuntu!

Ever since I returned to using Ubuntu last month, dual-booting it with XP to be more precise, life has been quite easier, peaceful and more productive for me. Before the dual-boot setup, I was stuck with using my 4-year-old installation of Windows XP Home patched with SP2. The patch was awful! It hogged up lots of HD space and made my system considerably slower to startup, to run and to shut it self down (the shut down process takes an average of 20 mins!).

I cannot help but think that these patches are nothing but bloatware and even annoyance-ware. As they do nothing but to simply bloat-up my XP installation and force me to upgrade unnecessarily my other programs, like firewall, audio editing etc. Upgrading software is a good thing, and a routine I have followed diligently ever since I got my first PC. But somehow, upgrading Windows has never been an exciting task for me to do, all because of the reasons I’ve mentioned earlier. Which kind of defeats the purpose, upgrades are supposed to make improvements to the software not ‘dumb-down’ the software. What’s even ridiculous and plainly stupid is when M$ started issuing patches FOR patches! I mean, wtf?!

So why not upgrade to Vista instead? No thanks, well not yet. Perhaps next year. Or the next. Because so far, I’m content with the way XP is setup in my old HD and I’m happy with Gutsy on the new HD. Ubuntu may issue upgrades or patches from time to time, but I welcome them for they work! Unlike those of M$ which is just…oh nevermind, we all know what it’s like.


I know this post is a rant but I can’t help it. Haven’t been able to post regularly here so I suppose getting something off my chest would ease my return to normal blogging. Be back with more useful posts later on as today’s the last day of school for this 2007! Woot!

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