A partnership between Adobe and Nikon?

I’m not really someone who’s in the know about the digital design scene and the world of Nikon, but this statement on the Adobe website is something note worthy:

Adobe and Nikon are both enthusiastic about the continued innovation of digital imaging technology. Both companies recognize that ongoing advancement in current RAW formats is bringing a new level of control, precision, and quality to the photography community, and we both are excited about helping to foster that innovation.

Adobe is committed to working with Nikon to ensure that our common customers have an excellent experience when using Nikon cameras with Adobe software, and the company is disappointed that there has been confusion about this in the market. Adobe wants to ensure that our common customers get the very best quality from their photos when using our products together.

Nikon has endeavored to develop the RAW image concept for digital photographers through its Nikon Electronic Format (NEF) file, supporting software, and compatible system components. Nikon envisions its role as an innovator, and values its participation within the industry’s organizations, so that the future for RAW images will expand in importance and acceptance among the market’s photographers.

Nikon believes that the NEF file has provided important image quality through Nikon’s pioneering developments. For the future, Nikon intends to cooperate with Adobe and other industry members in order to pursue its objective of providing images with better quality, convenience, and usefulness to end users

I love Adobe Photoshop CS 3 and Lightroom, these are the tools I use to post-process my digital photos and to create digital art. Though I don’t know what it exactly means, but this statement is something we Nikon fans should be happy about!

Anyone who would like to shed some light on this?

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