A nice way to dispose of your old gadgets

If you happen to own a PC that was built from scratch (assembled is the term more popularly used in the Philippines) and it’s over two years old, I’m pretty sure there came a time when you saw or heard of this cool new peripheral or part that had you drooling over it. It may be a raving new video card, a bigger and faster hard drive or even a new optical mice that feels uber good to the touch. Simply put, you’ve upgraded your machine to suit your needs or simply wet your appetite for being on the latest edge of techno revolution.

Based on my experience with upgrading PCs and being techno-junkie myself, upgrading or getting new parts for your machine generally falls under two categories or reasons:

1) Replacing damaged or worn out parts. After a year or two of computing heaven, you’ll notice that your machine would slowdown, take a few more minutes to boot up, rip or burn Cd’s a little slower or just crash in the middle of a frag fest or a last-minute dash to complete a paper. After troubleshooting the darn thing, sometimes with some help from the techies in case you don’t know the difference between SDRAM and DDRAM, you’d come to the conclusion that it’s time to go out to the local dealer or scour eBay for a replacement of that worn out or worse, damaged component. It’s even grimmer if the warranty has already expired.

2) Simply upgrading to keep up with the latest trends. Now this applies to the tech-savvy more so those who can’t resist the urge to buy the latest this and latest that especially if they the money to spend for it and would not waste a moments’ notice to brag about how much system RAM your machine is running on or how powerful you new processor is or even your kick-ass video card to your friends, office-mates, forum rivals, even your wife. Long before their machine would reach its first year, they are already on the prowl or waiting list for new upcoming parts and components. When they do finally get the new cutting-edge stuff, they end up with a growing pile of old but ‘still-perfectly-working-and-would-probably-last-for-a-year-or-more’ component or peripherals. Some would breathe new life into these parts by putting them together to build a secondary machine, to serve as a back-up but really just adds up to your bragging rights, and not to mention the painful increase in your month’s power bill.

Practicality and common sense, nay, entrepreneurial sense kicks in and you decide to simply sell these parts for a decent price or much better, to the wishes of the highest bidder. Kick in eBay and in no sooner than seven days, frantic e-mail exchanges and cut-throat negotiations, you ship off your old ‘surplus’ component in exchange for a good wad of cash. Seasoned veterans enjoy and have gotten the hang of making it good on eBay. Improving their reputation and seller credibility, they find it not hard to sell off things at the best-deal prices. Newbies fret not, for there are ebay auction tips ready to guide you in your quest to clean your room of old parts and exchange them for some decent amount of cash.

Good hunting!

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