A new year’s resolution list

It’s hours to go before the year 2007 comes in to end 2006. Of course making new year’s resolution lists are the norm during this occasion.

Looking back at my 21 years of living on this planet, and not that I’ve been to others, one could say that I’m not that good at keeping or fulfilling those things I’d included in all my previous lists. Mostly because they were too idealistic, grandiose or simply downright inhuman. Like acquire super human powers, conquer the world, become the next .com millionaire or win a Nobel Prize for something.

Joking aside, I really am not good at fulfilling new year’s resolution lists. Out of say, 4 items on every list I make, every new year, one or two are only fulfilled.

So this time around, after much thinking over and reviewing the past lists, years and experiences they represent; I decided to make my new year resolution list for 2007 a lot simpler and very, very practical. Something that would closely qualify for the S-M-A-R-T way of doing things or achieving goals, which what new year resolutions really are.

Here is my new year’s resolution list for 2007:

Defrag my hard drive every 2 weeks – I often forget about this simple yet essential task that would do wonders to improve my PC’s performance, extend the lifespan of my hard drive and protect my data.

Clean the insides of my PC’s control unit every month
– Very very important especially if you’re room is not air conditioned. Trust me, you don’t want spiders, and ants making a home of your computer or dust and cobwebs clogging your fans and wirings.

Back-up my data every week – I’d need an external hard drive for this one, since I foresee that the coming new year would be filled with lots of projects and activities (freelance, personal, and academic) that would require the use of my computer and would generate a lot of e-files and stuff.

Bloghop, bloghop, and bloghop
– I included lots of commenting with this one. It’s about time I stop spending almost hours staring at my own blog. Now that I’ve settled with my original blog’s moniker, purpose and a new theme that works aesthetically and SEO-wise, the time of hard work for networking and garnering more back-links has come.

Study harder at the university
– I’m not just a blogger, I have a life off-line and that’s being a college student. Also included here is spending more time taking care of the groups and organizations I’ve joined up. No blogger is an island and besides, it would be a great opportunity for off-line marketing.

Well that’s it. A simple and practical list of new goals for 2007. Can you think anything else I could add? Or what about your list?

Happy new year everyone! 😀

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  1. I list some new year’s tasks before but I can’t seem to follow them so I stopped. Hehe.

    As for me, I only have one in my list (Can it be called a list if there’s only one item?)

    Continue my jouney to Professional Blogging.

    That’s it!

    Have a happy new year dude!

  2. I have not even tried to make so much of a new year resolution because I know I will not be able to follow it

    It's good to have one as it will be a guide but then again due to a lot of circumstances it will just not for especially for me as things for me just happen in a blink of an eye.

    Wishing you a great year ahead and a happy new year and may your resolutions be tamed by you


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