A Microsoft Coup inside Nokia

Was it any wonder why former Microsoft executives were moving to Nokia and taking up high positions?

Now that tech pundits and analysts are speculating that Nokia is about to dump Symbian and switch to either Windows Phone 7 or Google’s Android OS, the picture is getting clearer.

Nokia 5800

Though Windows Phone 7 debuted with good reviews and feedback, analysts have said that Microsoft still has a long way to go before it can go head to head with Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and RIM’s BlackBerry OS in the growing smart phone market.

With Nokia’s poor performance in this market which is attributed to its non-competitive Symbian platform which in turn has been aptly described by no less than its CEO Stephen Elop as a “burning platform” it only makes sense that company would switch to Windows Phone 7.

It would be a win-win solution for both Nokia and Microsoft. Windows Phone 7 with its steep hardware requirements would be perfect for Nokia’s hi-end handsets. Though one must not discount the fact that Nokia could mix in Android for its mid-range models, it’s most likely that Nokia’s upcoming hi-end models would be optimized to run WP 7.

It’s a tough call for Nokia, but it has to be done for the company to survive and regain its leadership in the smart phone market. Either way, there’s something to look out for on February 11th.

Image by nechbi, under Creative Commons License

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