A little medical history

I’m going back to school tomorrow…given that the wheather would permit it. I feel well enough to go back into the hunt and do some catching up to all I’ve missed at school: the pre-lim exams! Taking stock of what has happened, I feel like my life’s a mess. My calendar of activities and goals is in disarray and I still have to see all of my individual subject-professors to report the ill fate that has befallen on me and to plead that they allow me to take the special exams. Otherwise, this semester is all over for yours truly.

For those still in the dark, it all started last Tuesday night when I went to bed early because I was not feeling well. I had a slight fever back then and there were more than a dozen of times I tried to sneeze but failed. Sneezing is a sign that my body is fighting infection and if I do sneeze, it’s good because the foreign invaders -viruses, bacteria and other microbes are being ejected out of my body at more than 70 miles/hour (the average speed of a human sneeze). Unfortunately, since all my attempts to sneeze failed, it meant that my first-line of body defenses failed and that the microbes have gotten inside my system. It’s time for all out bio-war.

Symptoms revealling the nature of the microbes soon appeared, high fever, with chills and cracking headache…OMG! I have the common flu! Trangkaso in Tagalog or viral influenza in the clinic but the bottom line is I was sick from there on. From Wednesday last week up until this past Sunday I was very sick. Fortunately, that was all, my flu wasn’t accompanied by its usual partners-in-crime: coughs and colds. In case you wondered, the common cold is different from the flu, though the two are often closely associated and even the terms interchanged. Here’s a basic rundown of the difference between the two illnesses:(source)

Cold vs Flu

So I took my usual dose of cures: plenty of bed rest, (meaning no books, no tv and sadly no blogging and the PC), taking in lots of fluids-water primarily, your choice of paracetamol to help relieve the fever and headache and finally a visit to the doctor just to make sure everything will be okay and to assure me that this was just another flu not something else that is serious and more common during these days like typhoid fever and malaria. Yikes!

So stay warm, safe and healthy everyone!

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  1. hey, sorry to hear that you've been sick.

    just a comment: your life is in disarray but you're still blogging? pareho pala tayong blog addict =)

    take care of yourself!

  2. No wonder you're been quiet lately, Jhay. Thought you were just busy with school. Anyway, hope you're feeling much better now.

    BTW, I tagged you for this meme I received from Major Tom, but don't feel obliged to do it, especially now that you're busy with catch-ups.

    Take care of yourself. Ingat!

  3. My wife comes from the US and have told me to say God Bless You then – so now it's said!
    In Norway we don't have that habbit and I think we sould optain:-)

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