A letter to Globelines about their crappy broadband services

It’s been almost two years since that fateful string of events that has led me to curse and hate Globelines broadband and label it a crappy internet service.

Since then, many other unhappy, frustrated and infuriated Globelines broadband customers have been flocked to that post and have shared their own grim stories of how crappy Globelines broadband is according to their experience. Just check out the post and read the many comments that have been added over the years.

However, since about 1 1/2 years ago, my Globelines broadband service has been good. The connection has been stable, fast and virtually no loss of connections in that span of time. Lucky for me right? Well not for the others who, like before me, have had the worst of it. Some had even reached the end of their rope and decided to end their misery once and for all, by terminating their Globelines broadband service.

How do you do this? Simply write a letter to Globelines stating your request for the termination of your land line and internet connection and the reasons why you wish so. To help you in making such a letter, Udaysexy,, who is a former Globelines broadband customer who has had enough of their crappy services has shared a letter she composed requesting that Globelines terminate her internet and land line service, finally ending her misery.


To: Globe

From: uday

Subject: Cancellation of Internet and phone service

Dear Globe,

Please be advised that I wish to cancel my account #________ for internet and phone service effective immediately. Globe has failed to provide and maintain a stable internet connection to me and periods of no internet at all have lasted as long as three weeks under the guise of a so-called “System Restoration”.

This kind of “service” is intolerable.

Repeated attempts to resolve this issue with Globe Customer Service agents were not only futile but obviously scripted to make promises Globe has not kept and obviously cannot keep. Your obligation to provide a stable internet connection is a basic element of our contractual agreement and Globe has treated me with only contempt.

Furthermore, I was promised one month of free service as an incentive to activate service with Globe but I did not get it. I still have the leaflet that says if I subscribe from November 2007 until December 2007, I am entitled to avail Globe’s promos, and since I want so bad to have my internet, I subscribed, and I chose the 1 Month Subscription Free over the printer since I am not going to need the printer. And guess what? I got my first bill which has a one-day billing period and when I called Globe Customer Service, she said that that is the supposed 1 Month Subscription Free and its not even free at all! I asked her how could that happen? I was supposed to have my first month subscription free but she said that that is system generated and that there is nothing they can do about it. I was really disappointed. I was attracted to Globe and that 1 Month Subscription Free had a big impact on me because I thought it was true.

Regarding this advertisement, based of the RA7394 or Consumer Act of the Philippines Title III – Protection Against Deceptive, Unfair and Unconscionable Sales Acts or Practices; Chapter 1 Article 48 to 52. I just want to highlight Article 50 Prohibition Against Deceptive Sales Acts or Practices – A deceptive act or practice by a seller or supplier in connection with a consumer transaction violates this Act whether it occurs before, during or after the transaction. An act or practice shall be deemed deceptive whenever the producer, manufacturer, supplier or seller, through concealment, false representation of fraudulent manipulation, induces a consumer to enter into a sales or lease transaction of any consumer product or service.

The total lack of responsive customer service and reliable internet service has caused me to lose my job which was dependant on a reliable and stable internet connection. My patience has come to an end and I will not tolerate any further deceit from Globe. I have received two statements regarding payment of my account through the postal service, it is obvious that you cannot bill people on the internet because your customers would never receive it. Therefore I refuse to pay any payments due and in fact I demand a refund for the 5 months I have had your “Service” because it is defective and completely unreliable. I have since applied for and received good service from another internet provider and I have no intentions of ever being a Globe customer again. Additionally, I cannot and will not recommend Globe to any person I come into contact with.




For those who want to follow the similar step and release your self from the misery of having a crappy internet service from Globe, simply follow the pattern of this letter, write things objectively, clearly, honestly and objectively all based on your experience of using or not being able to use their services. Send this to your nearest Globelines Business center and they’ll take care of everything else.

17 Replies to “A letter to Globelines about their crappy broadband services”

  1. dun sa mga nagbabalak ipa terminate ang subscription nila, wag na silang matakot, kasi kanina 3 nakasabay kong nagsosoli ng unit, tsaka nung binigay ko yan sa CSR nila, after nya mabasa nakangiti pa syang nagbigay sa akin ng Request for Termination Form, sabay sabi, “ma’am please wait, process ko lang po yung refund nyo,” wahahahah

  2. What ISP customer needs are protection from these greedy ISP. Why should we pay termination fee (if we want to terminate the subscription earlier) if they are not providing the service we subscribed to them? I have been through 4 different ISP and I rarely get more than 50% of my subscribed speed most of the time. Palusot lagi ng mga CSR nila sa mga philippine site lang daw applied ang speed na kinontrata mo sa kanila, eh karamihan ng mga server nasa ibang bansa. If i subscribe for a 1Mbps speed dapat ganun lagi ang ang bilis kahit saang site ka magpunta, local or international. Its about time congress should make a bill about broadband use. Protect the consumer, give us the correct service we subscribed from greedy ISP like Globe, PLDT and other ISP.

    For the meantime, my suggestion for those who want to pre-terminate their ISP contract and does not want to pay termination fee, collect data of your speed test using screenshot. Write or e-mail to NTC with copies to your ISP about your dilemma, enclosed your speed test screenshot, always keep a copy of your letters and e-mail with dates as your reference. Yan ang pangsupalpal mo sa kanila if they insist that you should pay. Saka lagi mo murahin yung collector/csr nila, yung MALUTONG na mura, dyan ka lang makakabawi sa kanila.

  3. I have just got rid of my subscription to Globe Wireless Broadband.

    I presented a similar letter above, stating the problems that I'm encountering even after attempts of solving them by their technicians. I also included in the letter the request for the adjustment of my final billing and the exclusion of the termination fee.

    Fortunately for me, they granted my request. I didn't had to pay my final bill and the termination fee. 🙂

    Now I'm super satisfied with the services that I'm getting from my new ISP, BayanDsl.

    I'm subscribed to their Plan 899 (Dsl + phone, 1200 msf).

    If you're interested, I'm referring you to this agent:


    Cel No. 09208207277

    Tel No. 4075455

    Mabilis siya mag process, 4 days lang, nakabitan na ko! Nga pala paki sabi naman na ako 'Jeric' ang nag refer sa inyo just incase mag apply nga kayo, for recognition lang naman. Thanks!

  4. I also ended my headaches and inconveniences with globe yesterday. I gave them a letter like that at ibinalik ko din ang unit nilang di makakuha ng signal para sa internet kahit may ilaw naman ung RSSI. Well about the billing, intayin lang daw namin ung adjustment nila at sana wag kami pagbayarin ng pretermination fee dahil hindi ako papayag na magbayad nun. Nasa kanila ang diperensya e. Ilang beses na silang nagpadala ng technician nila wala ring magawa sa sobrang bagal at maya't mayang disconnection. Di pa makapagbrowse sa ibang site. Sa gmail hirap akong makalogin, sa ym naman di makalogin. Nakasmartbro na ako ngaun. Ok naman ang connection. Sana hanggang sa matapos ang contract namin ganito ang connection ng smartbro. Ang pangit kasi ng customer service ng smart ang babagal kumilos at medyo mayayabang.

  5. hello po! tanong ko lang po kung yung 5 months na hiningi niyong refund ay nabalik nila? kasi po ako, simula nung nakabitan na ko, sobrang bagal at lagi akong nadidisconnect. tapos 3 weeks ako nawalan gawa nung system restoration nila. 4 months na ko nakasubscribe sa globe, gusto ko din po sana magrefund lahat ng binayad ko simula sa 1st payment, pwede po ba yun? thanks!

  6. @anne

    you can easily make a request for a refund if you have proof/s or report/s regarding the technical problem/s that you have experienced or have been experiencing.

      1. teka, nakapag report ka na ba regarding sa technical problem/s na na-xxperience mo? through their hotline or business center?

        kasi b4 ka mag present ng letter the same as above, dapat bigyan mo muna sila ng time na ma fix ung technical problem/s na na-xxperience mo, which should only take about 5 working days. Pag hindi pa rin na resolve after that time span or bumabalik ung problem, eh mag duda ka na, at i-susuggest ko sau na mag present na ng letter the same as above, which contains your request for the cancellation of service and other requests such as the adjustment to your final bill, exclusion of the termination fee, and refunds.

        hope this helps. 🙂

  7. Guys, i found a new way how to have a constant 1 megabit connection using GLOBE as ISP (that's if you are using 1mbps like me, havent tested the 2mbps because it's too costly). You can all visit my blog. If you dont know how to tweak your net then it's really a waste.


    i have a proof that it really works.

  8. Globe sucks the most worst dsl in teh Philippines Globe sucks Globe sucks Globe sucks Globe sucks Globe sucks Globe sucks Globe sucks Globe sucks Globe sucks Globe sucks Globe sucks Globe sucks Globe sucks Globe sucks

  9. ai ngayon ko lng ito nbasa …sa kaso ko kasi ganito yun… july 23, 2011nagpakabit ako ng globe internet business 2mbps ..kasi maganda ang promo nila . 9 units lang ang computer ko .. ang bagal ng conection lahat ng custumer ko hindi satisfied ,kung bakit paraw ako nagpalit ng globe eh ok nmn yung bayantel.nalulugi ako wala na akong custumer so tumawag ako sa globe pabalik balik ako sa custumer service sa globe sa mall.. lahat ng mga prblma ko sinasbi ko.. ang sabi nila ipatingin raw nila ng technician nila.. nagrereklamo ako hangang nag 1 month nlng ..ang sabi sa akin ng tech nila pa upgarde raw ako ng 3mbps ok balik nanaman ako sa mallnagbayad ako nag frst month bill ko sa 2mbps ang sabi ko sa cstumer servce pa upgarde ako ng 3mbps.. ganun pa rin ilang weeks wala pa ring nangyari ang sama pa nito pag speed test ko hindi 3mpbs yung binigay 2.4 lang … so balik na naman ako sa glbe cstumer srvice sayang kasi ang internet cafe ko lugi na ..dun nagbalak na ako pa terminate .. ang sabi ng cstumer service magbayad daw ako advance 2months sa 3mbps ko na pina upgrade ko para ma terminate account ko.. ngek .. hindi ko naman gsto magpa upgrade kung walang advise ng technician nila .. basta sa sobrang galit ko aply ako sa bayntel ulit ayun nakabitan ako ito so far walang problema ok na cia .. ang problma ko sa globe nagpapadala parin cila nag billing umabot na sa 6thou hahay end of contract ko next year pa… makukulong ba ako? plz help

  10. Paano magpaterminate ng globe kc end contract ko nto dec12,2016 eh hngng ngyn wla p dumdating pra kunin ung lintek n sbrng bgal n internet modem nla eh ngpunta n aq s mall d globe customer service.isang cp nlng gmit ko s 1mbps hnd p mkpgloading.kya kht comp.shop ko pnsara kuna s bwisit.

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