A Gay Womanizer

“Bading si Rizal.”(Rizal is gay.) My tall friend mused with quite an authority. He said this after I shared to him, my discovery of an article last December that talked about the insane idea of Rizal, our national hero being the father of one of the most hated man in modern history; Adolf Hitler. Thanks again to the Filipino Librarian for the link. Mr. Manuel Quezon III has gone to the bottom of this crazy idea with this article.

Now going back to my friend’s smart-ass idea on Rizal being gay, he did presented some reasons to back it up. He started by making this observation; “Sa lahat ng babaero, siya[Rizal] lang ang hindi nagkaroon ng maraming anak.” “Of all the womanizers, Rizal is the only one who has not produced a number of children.”

True, Rizal did not have many children save for the one that Josephine delievered too early into this world, only to die later as a tragic consequence of Pepe’s misdemeanors. This is despite the fact that he is well known for having many lovers and flames everywhere he went.

To this I added the following observations of my own; Rizal was among the youngest in his family. He and Paciano were the only “thorns among the roses”,
and there is a considerable age gap between him and his older brother so Rizal grew up surrounded by girls. He was described as a “sissy-looking” boy with a low height and a huge head which according to my great Rizal course professor was the favorite target for his classmates who had a habit of throwing stones around.

All of this, came from the idea, that if a boy grows and lives surrounded by girls, some of the feminimity would eventually rub off onto him. If I’m not mistaken this is commonly held as a quick explation(acceptable or not) as to how a boy becomes gay.

So adding it all up, Rizal, is gay.(joke lang! ;))

NOTE: The above contains ideas, concepts and thoughts that are purely fictitous and do not necessarily reflect proper historical reflection and are mere products of our imaginations and a sort-of twisted sense of humor. I like to thank the tallest member of the DLSU-D SERVE volunteers for the wonderfully insane ideas contained in this entry.

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  1. Goodness, I can imagine the madness that might ensue if indeed Rizal was proved gay — another Edsa I march of the masses might arise to make once and for all the indisputable macho man, Bonifacio, as our national hero … hehehe.

  2. Nakakatuwa naman ang post mo. Naalala ko tuloy ‘yung gay na ex-bf ko. Hehehe 🙂 Womanizer din siya…before. Ngayon, he’s after MEN, hehehe. 🙂

  3. @ eric: That’s very tempting idea, I must admit. hehe

    @ Tess: At least he’s now honest about himself. Just remind him to be careful in his endeavors, HIV/AIDS infection is on the rise worldwide. 😉

  4. maybe he just disliked the thought of having kids or he doesn’t want kids to keep him tied up from his passions and hobbies.

    about kids growing up among women, it’s either he becomes gay or becomes a pervert. hehe 😛

    1. speaking about Blumentritt, in our RC book, it was mentioned that their friendship was one of a kind! long, deep and beautiful. He was not only the best friend of Rizal but his SOUL MATE (which I completely gagged when I read that line) i tell you BROMANCITY is in the air 😉

  5. oh no!!! i can't imagine that rizal is gay? siguro nga…… kasi sa dami ng naging babae nia d man lang cia nag karon ng maraming kids.

  6. we were not even sure kung talagang nagkaroon sya ng anak..were not even sure if the history states the whole fact about jose rizal. well either way it doensnt matter now if hes gay or not.

  7. My reactions and comments will be just short. There was no such issue if Rizal didn’t produce any children. Think for some reasons before having a conclusion. He’s too busy. Even if he had affairs from distinct women in the places he had been, it is not enough to conclude he is but a gay. A one night stand was not enough to bear children! (for some women he met) He also transferred from one place to another, right?. As to his family background, so what if Rizal and his brother are the only thorns in the family? And I just want to leave a question, what if a girl grows and lives surrounded by boys, will some of the masculinity would eventually rub off onto her? Think then.

  8. san b q mkakakuha ng tungkol ky rizal at sa mga babae nya???..

    i have q research paper about jose rizal as womanizer but i dont wer i can find it..pls someone help me wer i can find some articles or watever about it…..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    1. @aguy – You could always try Ambeth Ocampo's books or articles. He's the one historian who's keen on writing about this kind of information that may be trivial, but as he once said, "breathes life into history."

      I suggest getting a copy of his book, "Rizal without the Overcoat" it's a good start.

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