A common lesson from the cases of Sen Lacson and Rep Singson

If there’s anything to compare in the cases of Sen Lacson and Rep Singson, the former being accused of murder and the latter facing a drug trafficking case in Hong Kong, is the credibility, capabilities and resolve of the law enforcement agencies after one and prosecuting the other.

Yes, I am talking about the difference between the Hong Kong law enforcement agencies and our very own PNP, NBI, etc.

It is bewildering how Rep Singson walked out of a Philippine airport and boarded his plane to Hong Kong with cocaine in his hand carried luggage without getting into trouble with local airport security or customs officials.

It could have been any or a combination of the three:

  1. Airport authorities were simply incompetent to have missed the cocaine in the hand carried luggage.
  2. Airport authorities discovered the cocaine but knowing it was carried by a Congressman and no less than the son of Gov Chavit Singson – a former henchman of Erap, they simply decided to keep silent about it and let him by. Conveniently forgetting that even though they were just lowly airport security, no one is above the law they are sworn to enforce, especially a law maker.
  3. Airport authorities were bribed to keep quite and even facilitated Rep Singson’s trouble-free exit from the country.

Over at Hong Kong, it was the complete opposite. Hong Kong authorities knew exactly what to do; enforce their laws which prohibits the possession and trafficking of illegal drugs and imposes a heavy punishment for it.

Even if it was Rep Singson, a member of a foreign Congress, they had to enforce the law, place him under arrest and initiate legal proceedings against him.

Further embarrassment

Back home his colleagues in both Houses of Congress are saying he should be expelled from Congress because he has committed a crime and since he is going to admit guilt it is but obvious that he take the gentleman’s route of giving up his seat in Congress, to save the it from further embarrassment.

However, it is not just Rep Singson who has put Congress and the government in this embarrassing situation, the air port authorities who let him pass through is also equally to blame.

Had they only did their job right Rep Singson would’ve never left the country and gone to Hong Kong. He should have landed in jail.

Instead, the Hong Kong police showed us how it is supposed to be done. It’s like asking the Hong Kong authorities to do our own house cleaning for us.

Connections, connections, connections

Now, as for Sen Lacon’s case, it’s without a doubt the former PNP chief still wields influence over our own law enforcement agencies. The fact that he is still at large in the country shows that someone in the DOJ or NBI is either inept for the job or working from the inside to give the fugitive senator a heads up on his pursuers.

They could put Lacson’s lawyer, who is in still in contact with him, in 24/7 surveillance as he could provide, albeit unwittingly, assistance to the Senator’s capture.

I’m not saying the Hong Kong authorities are role-models in law enforcement, they too have their share of red tape. But the fact that they have been able to do their duties whereas their Filipino counterparts have failed or neglected to do, just goes to show that we would continue be an embarrassment in the international scene while our own citizens are suffering injustice and still having no confidence in our own government and its agents.

Indeed, drug trafficking and murder are two different crimes that make up for different cases, but the manner in which our law enforcement agencies will go about doing their jobs will still determine the outcome of these cases.

Just look at what happened to the Vizconde murder case. ‘Nuff said.

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