A collection of Mac Spoofs

Last Tuesday, Michael from the uber-cool Apple Gazette has posted a list of the Top 10 Apple Commercials of all Time. Mac users and wannabes all over the world were treated to a splendid selection of excellent, brilliant, down-right hilarious and catchy commercials that only the advertising geniuses at Apple could come up with. These short films sparked and galvanized a cult following that has made Macs and Apple true icons of our digital age.

The post has even inspired me to prowl YouTube.com for something of the similar theme. What I found are spoofs of the now popular ‘Get a Mac‘ commercials which are witty and funny in their right. The spoof vidoes could either be a dessert after watching all Top 10 Apple videos I’ve mentioned or something that would put me and my blog in the blacklist of die-hard Mac afficionados. But hey, just like what is said on the makers of the spoof videos’ site TrueNuff TV:

Macs are great. So are PCs. So are toasters – what’s your point? It’s just a computer, get over it.

Good point there huh? Moving on, I now present to you the complete set of Mac Spoof videos created by the comical geniuses at TrueNuff.com


You know what they always say; never judge a (Mac)book by its cover. 😉


Ah yes, if only Macs could play the many hundreds of cool games like the PC does…*sighs*


This one’s just off the hook! 😀


There was a device called ‘Newton’? Hmm…


Good arguments there…but still Macs (and let’s be honest and fair) Linux are like fortresses when we talk about security.


I just hope Vista doesn’t have to be given an enema once it does becomes available and inevitably reveal a serious security flaw in it. I’m just sick of downloading patches upon patches. Oh wait, I don’t have to wait for Vista anymore, I still have my Ubuntu working. 😉

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