A blog reboot of sorts

Finally, you’re seeing a revamped Four-eyed Journal live with its latest theme, Compositio by Design Disease and PremiumThemes.com

I originally went on the hunt for a new free magazine/premium-styled theme these past few days but nothing simply appealed to my liking and budget. To be honest, I needed a break from sporting the premium/magazine style themes on this blog because the pressure of coming up with regular and good content really weighed in on me. And it’s not to say that the previous themes I’ve used were bad, it’s just that a profound change is in order.

Plus, I didn’t want to blog just because the theme demanded regular posting which is not the true purpose of blogging to begin with. Instead, I wanted blogging to be fun for me and my readers again, just like before. The theme I’m going to use should help me present posts not give me the feeling that I need to post and post and just post for the heck of it!

That’s the reason why I picked Compositio to be my theme for now. Something a little old school (no magazine style here), relaxed, fun and refreshing to the eyes. Plus, it feels right for how I would approach blogging from here on, a bit more personal yet still of interest and good value to readers and friends. It’s all summarized on top of the sidebar.

With this refreshing new theme and the coming summer break, blogging would be fun once more! I hope you’d stick around for the good times ahead.

6 Replies to “A blog reboot of sorts”

  1. Nice new theme which fittingly suits your theme reboot. I haven't come across this theme until I saw it here on your blog. Looks really clean and cool to the eyes. I might just do a review of this theme on my blog.

    Anyways, just want you to know that I'll be sticking around through the good times and bad. Have a nice day my friend and God bless! 😉

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