5 things that you don’t or didn’t know about me

It’s been a long long time since the last time I was tagged to do a blog meme. Here’s the very first for 2007, thanks to Jaypee!

1. I’m not that good at Math

Don’t get fooled by my blog’s tagline, my eyeglasses or some of the tech-talk in my posts. Because I suck at Math, math subjects that is. That’s why I never took up engineering courses or a computer programming course because of the math subjects it has. I barely survived Algebra both in highschool and in college. Even though my math professors say I could be very good in math because of my above-average analytical skills (say what? ;)), I avoid purely mathematical subjects because numbers are quite dull and boring for me. I just can’t stand to spend hours solving a math problem only to end up getting a zero for an answer, even if it’s the correct answer. It’s all of my efforts went to nothing – literally. Combined with science though, like chemistry and physics, I could manage.

2. I have two left feet

Even though I’m into theater arts, I’m not a good dancer. I suck at it. It’s looks rediculous and downright strange whenever I try to dance to modern-beats. You could ask me to play weird or difficult characters in a play anytime, but dancing? Hell no!

3. Most of my books are not related to the subjects I’m taking up.

Everyone (mostly) knows that I’m a Human Biology major, but once you visit my room, you’d find more books about the social sciences than about biological or natural sciences. The only books about biology I have the ones required of me to have or buy by my professors. The rest of the books I buy are about fiction, history, philosophy, etc.

4. My glasses are ten years old

I started wearing eye glasses when I was in the 4th elementary grade and have been wearing them since. The grade of lenses have never changed except that I have changed frames three times already. Maybe it’s time for another eye check-up.

5. I was nearly arrested by the police

It was my freshman year in college, the first semestral break of my college life and I spent it on the streets of Manila marching alongside the urban poor, peasants and farmers from Cavite, Laguna and Quezon and other Left-leaning groups in a rally at Mendiola bridge. That day was the commemoration of the UN’s World Food Day. The farmers and peasants are decrying the ill effects of globalization and importation of cheaper Chinese vegetables into the country that beats them in competition. To make it worse, gov’t budget for agriculture is so little much of it is lost in corruption.

Cutting the story short, myself and a friend of mine got thirsty under the heat of the sun while the protest march settled at Mendiola and the program went on. The two of us saw this buko juice vendor at the corner of the intersection and we deiced to take a break. Carrying our protest placards screaming in full red the ouster of GMA and ending of the US Imperialism in the country, we bought some nice cold buko juice for refreshemt. While we were enjoying our drinks, little did we know that the police has started to disperse the crowd and arresting those who have astrayed too far from the ranks of the protesters. Seeing a couple of police officers armed with riot shileds and battons heading our way, my friend and I hurried back to our companions, the nuns and priests from the Urban Missionaries to escape arrest. They chased us and we were lucky enough to make back into the safety of our group before the police got their hands on us. It was a narrow escape. Still, the struggle goes on.

It has been and I thank Jaypee for this tag. Now I’m passing this tag on to major, karmi, racky, aisha and my fellow biologist and katukayo, julius. Enjoy!

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  1. I almost got arrested too! But it was for statutory rape. She showed me her driver's license! How was I to know that it was a fake and she was only 12?!

  2. ako din.. sa tapat ng manila city hall.. i was accused of swerving. Eh naka bukas yung signal light ko at nakahinto ako bago lumiko. Sabi lang lang sa humuli sakin, "tara… pasok tayo city hall at dun tayo kay mayor magpaliwanag… " :~) Sabi nya, "sige umalis kana" :~)

  3. hahaha! that's a lot of fun, Jhay! Almost getting arrested at a rally?! I could see myself in a similar situation as you. Was at the US bases rally in 91 at the senate.

    Nice things we discover about each other when we decide to disclose. thanks for sharing jhay!

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