3Tier Group’s Map of Solar and Wind Energy hot-spots

We’ve seen many maps about global forest cover, or what’s left of it, glacial maps, but now a new world map has just been completed that will help push the adoption of renewable energy systems world wide.

The new world map shows the best spots in the world to build solar or wind power plants or systems and is the product of Seattle-based 3Tier Group two-year work of taking satellite snapshots of sun patterns on every part of the Earth’s surface.

It shows how much sunlight or solar radiation a portion of the Earth’s surface received over the past 10 13 years indicating where the best places are to build solar or wind power plants.
Solar and Wind Map

The newly released global solar map and dataset is based on 10 to 13 years of half-hourly, high-resolution visible satellite imagery collected from nine different satellites, dispersed across the globe and covering the entire surface of the earth. Satellite imagery was processed using a uniform methodology based upon a combination of in-house and peer-reviewed research documents supported by the global atmospheric science community.

3Tier Group will now market this dataset to renewable energy developers, financiers, and governments in order to help them in deciding whether to build a solar or wind power facility in an area inside their territory. It helps in decision-making and planning for the future of renewable energy.

Hopefully this initiative would really help in pushing for the adoption of renewable energy world wide.

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