2G or 3G Globe Mobile Internet Sucks

Globe has been actively defending their Fair Use Policy which slows down mobile internet users who exceed the daily 1GB or 3GB monthly cap to 2G speeds.


They say that those who do exceed the data caps are less than 3% of their subscribers and are put on the slow 2GB speeds in order to maintain the “quality of the entire mobile internet service” so that the rest of the subscribers are still able to fully enjoy it.

That claim is not entirely true. Last week, my postpaid account with unlimited data subscription has been limited to 2G speeds more than twice. And here’s my observation:

On the times that I wasn’t limited to 2G speeds, I would get a good 3G/HSDPA reception BUT any website would take at least 30 seconds to load IF I AM LUCKY. 80% of the time, I have to hit the refresh button on my browser just to load Google, Gmail, Facebook, my own blog, any website.

Twitter? Forget it! Even on my Android phone, the app would fail to refresh 7 out of 10 attempts. And that’s on 3G/HSDPA already!

When my account was limited to 2G speeds, we just spent our time watching movies or TV. No website could be loaded.

And again, I’m on the UNLIMITED Data plan!

Complained about this way back in November 2013, the only time Globe got in touch with me was last January 2014! And all the rep asked me was this: Was there any improvement in the service? My straight answer: None.

Tell me first, if this is fair or not, then we’ll talk about the Fair Use Policy.

Life life without limits.” Bullsh*t!!

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