2016 Presidential Elections – Grace Poe could be the real alternative to Trapos

Those who know me and my politics may be surprised by the title of this post. The words to follow may even be more surprising but since Binay’s resignation from the Cabinet has signaled the start of the election season, it’s high time we begin to seriously consider our options for the upcoming Presidential elections in 2016.

Surveys not withstanding, Binay would not get my vote. Let me take this moment to tell the world that I love my wife, very much. It’s no longer an issue of whether the allegations of massive corruption and plunder are true or not, Binay for me simply represents another family from a collection of oligarchs who is eager for its turn to use the highest office in the land to simply enrich themselves further and entrench their political dynasty on the back of millions of poor Filipinos.

Mar Roxas? Just look at the sad and tragic state of Yolanda survivors now and you’d be afraid of what will happen to the rest of the country if he ever becomes President. Also, the problems of the MRT now began during his term as DOTC Secretary.

So Why Grace Poe? Fellow blogger and now columnist Tonyo Cruz lays down the basic reasons why an independent Grace Poe would be our best chance of getting our country out of this sh*t hole it has been led straight into by the Aquino administration:

In one of the hearings she called on the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill, I personally saw Senator Poe lead with remarkable intelligence and humility as she asked resource speakers her questions and as she listened to their answers. So much unlike other pompous senators, her manner of leading the hearing was very organized but open-minded. Her questions were well thought of. She jots down notes and remembers important points that beg for follow-up questions. She showed and expressed appreciation for correct or better ideas regardless of the source, and thus commanded respect from the invited resource persons.

The FOI Bill remains a bill, despite Poe’s brilliant leadership in the Senate. Why? Because President Aquino and his allies in the House of Representatives continue to block the very idea of an FOI Law.

That it is unfortunate that President Aquino refused the passage and enactment of an FOI Law is a gross understatement. Not only is it unfortunate, it is one of the President’s gross acts of betrayal on his much-hyped “Daang Matuwid.”

In the Senate’s Mamasapano Massacre investigation, Senator Poe stood out along with a few other senators from some of their colleagues who loudly and unapologetically chose to be anti-Muslim, ignorant, and hysterical.

And who could forget Poe’s low-profile, under-the-radar quest to know the plight of MRT commuters? The public won’t forget that powerful gesture of empathy, and her repeated demands for government to rescue commuters from the awful MRT service.

Recently, Poe also spoke against over-dependence on the US as the Philippines fights Chinese incursions in the West Philippine Sea. Such patriotic stand provides a sharp contrast with the unapologetic pro-US mendicancy of the Aquino administration.

On these issues, Poe chose to be on the side of progress and to be an agent of change and empowerment.

With a lot of good things going for her: she has beaten Binay in the presidential surveys, the issue about her citizenship being a non-issue, and the clear lack of a palatable choice between traditional politicians represented by the Aquino-Conjuanco, Roxas and Binay, it is the best time for people wanting real chance, people who have been frustrated by the false hope of PNoy’s “Daang Matuwid” to rally around Grace Poe and mount a real people’s candidate with a progressive and pragmatic platform of government.

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