1st quarter reading list of 2009 – War, Politics, People & Obama

This is actually my reading backlog but since it’s a the new year and instead of frowning about it, I’d take it as the my first reading list for 2009.

These are the books I’ve bought during the Holiday school break. I thank Google AdSense and Text Link Ads for the earnings spent on these books.

In the words of The Joker in The Dark Knight; “And here we go…

Military Errors of World War Two

Military Errors of World War Two by Kenneth Macksey (Buy the book)- a fascinating book which shows how every military, its commanders, officers and politicians behind them, from both the Allies and Axis powers have suffered from unpreparedness, complacency, delay, over-confidence or plain stupidity.

Now imagine what if the German army really proceeded to capture the encircled British and French soldiers at Dunkirk instead of turning south to capture Paris, just for formalities’ sake, because the French have already been defeated? Would World War Two turned out the way it did?

While reading this book, you cannot help but think that Sun Tzu would’ve been laughing his head off as he witnessed both sides of the conflict fumble and commit errors in every stage of the war.

The Federalist Papers

The Federalist Papers selected and edited by Roy P. Fairfield (Buy the book)- I’ve been looking for a cheap copy of this book for years. The ones I’ve found before were just to expensive in my opinion. So it was very good luck when I chanced upon this second-hand copy at Pick a book at SM City Dasmariñas, for nearly half the price of what National Bookstore was selling it.

Besides the lower price, I’ve come to give more appreciation for second-hand books because often times, the it had notes, comments and highlights the previous owner put in while he was still using the book. In this particular copy, the previous owner really did his studying as the pages were littered with highlights and notes for references or his interpretation of the text.

For a book of this intellectual weight, these notes and highlights would be of great help for me as I read and learn from it. Now I could only guess who the previous owner was. A college student perhaps? Or a professor who used this in his lectures in a big university. One could only imagine.

Winning with People

Winning with People by John C. Maxwell – (Get a copy)his books are one of the most expensive yet very useful for those who work in organizations and deal with different people on a regular basis. I bought this in the hope of improving my people skills because at present, I’m holding important positions in various organizations in the university and outside of it. Though many would attest to my leadership skills, I believe there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Change We Can Believe In

Change We Can Believe In by Barack Obama (foreword) (Buy this book) – this is a souvenir from the historical campaign and election victory of the now US President Barack Obama. There were many times I tried to follow the developments of the 2008 US Presidential Elections from the primaries to the Presidential Debates, to election day in order to understand and learn from it, time and the workload simply did not permit it. With this book, I’d be able to catch up with what has happened during the campaign and what would possibly happen now that Obama is in the White House. Lastly, there’s this small flicker of hope that lessons from this book would help us Filipinos to get back on the right track to progress and prosperity.

This is just the start of the year and already I’m on the lookout for new books. Any recommendations?

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