1GB Hotmail launched silently

Way back in my high school freshman year, I signed up for my very very first e-mail service, it’s not with Yahoo! as like 99% of other classmates and friends did, it’s Hotmail-powered e-mail service. (http://www.hotmail.com) And no, it’s not ‘hotmale’ though I had a few contacts who found a good laugh out of me once I verbally told them my Hotmail address.

I don’t know, and maybe it is just me but Yahoo! Mail never caught my fancy. (To which I could write a whole new piece about, and that’s for later days.) A culprit could be from my self-obsession with always being different from everyone else (at least I try to be). Since most of my friends and classmates already have ‘@yahoo.com’ trailing their unique username with all sorts of special numbers and the words “cute, cutiee, pastel” and other incarnations to tell the world where to e-mail them. So I signed up for a Hotmail account.

The service was satisfactory and I even liked the cool blue-themed interface. It was rather simple to use and more intuitive compared to Yahoo! Mail (again this is just me). The only complaints I can throw at it is the size of the inbox, I’m not sure but when I first signed up for the service they were only offering 2MB (no kidding!) of space. Later on they upgraded it to 25MB and then up to 250MB. Aside from the very limited storage space, Hotmail required users to regularly sign-in to their accounts otherwise, if it were to be left untouched for a month, the account is temporarily suspended thereby causing the incoming messages to be lost in cyberspace forever. Never open you Hotmail account for more than two months and it’s completely wiped off their servers. Harsh and somehow a turn-off for most, it’s a good thing that you could always re-open another Hotmail account with your previous username, ergo you retain your original e-mail address. This eliminates the need for you to remind all your contacts of your new e-mail address afterwards.

I enjoyed using my Hotmail over the years and yes I did signed up for a Yahoo! Mail account but only for the sake of using their Yahoo! Messenger client. All my e-mail needs were served by Hotmail. Though now I’m a proud and loyal Gmail user, I still maintain my Hotmail account as a backup and in memory of the good old times I had with it.


Up to now I am a happy Hotmail user and others like me who use the service, would be surprised but delighted to know that the storage space has been upgraded (finally!) to a whopping (industry standard?) 1Gigabytes of inbox space. Yup, that’s 1GB of Hotmail glory still completely free. Surprised? I was too, for the upgrade was made in silence. Still, 1GB is 1GB and it’s definitely a welcomed upgrade.

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  1. I started with hotmail ,then yahoo . I gave up hotmail few months ago I ran out of patience deleting those nonsense spam mails. I still have yahoo acct but am only checking mails once a month.I’m happier with the emailing of gmx !so far so good:)

  2. Hehe, naiinis ako dun sa mga e-mail address na may mga "cute" or some other words similar to that, tapos yung madaming number. :

    Anyway, my first e-mail address's not a Yahoo! or Hotmail, but from Talkcity. Around 2002 na yata ako nagsign-up for a Yahoo! account and later na lang for Hotmail. Yung dalawang account ko na yan di ko na ginagamit (deleted 'em) and I'm only using my Yahoo! and Hotmail accounts for Y!M and MSN messenger. Gmail na 'ko tapos naka-integrate (tama ba yung term?) na sa Thunderbird ko. 🙂

    Ah, tsaka yung university e-mail address gamit ko din, mainly for school e-mails (profs etc.). 😉

  3. I remember using Hotmail the first years of my Web experience but dropped it due to Yahoo! Mail's integration with Yahoo! Messenger, which I use frequently. But soon after I got hold of a Gmail invite, I switched totally and just left my Yahoo! Mail account for Web site sign ups and registrations [sort of like semi-spam mailbox]. And, now I use Gmail for my [actually, your] domain.

    Hotmail was really left behind in this competition, but isn't Windows Live Mail coming out soon?

  4. Hotmail was where I got my first e-mail account. 🙂 Then I signed up with eboxmail.net, everyone.net, all sorts of vanity e-mail services, etc. until I finally got my own domain and a POP3 e-mail account to go with it.

    Now I use Gmail, though. Can't stay with POP3 since I'm not always home and I'm addicted to checking e-mail.

  5. Yup, same here, My first e-mail address was from Hotmail. A 2MB inbox which becomes full every 1 or 2 days. Hehe. Now, I am happy with Gmail, even my own domain's email is hosted on gmail. 🙂 Also, our business' e-mail is being served by Google's Mail service. 2GB is still not enough though.

  6. It's good that they have upgraded the space. What I like about Hotmail is non-expiry of your e-mail even though you have not used it for ages, unlike in Yahoo! Mail.

  7. I wouldn’t notice or know about this if you didn’t mention it here. thanks for sharing. 😀

    my first email address was created in Eudoramail. next, i created another account in Hotmail then later on, i created another in Yahoo. i used Yahoo more often because i noticed that i received emails faster in Yahoo.

  8. nagiging generic na masyado ang yahoo sa pinas pero yung hotmail ko isa sa mga email na hindi ko nagagamit masyado pero importante na magkaroon at mapanatiling buhay yaong account.

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