10 Good things to start this Earth Day

Here’s a list of some common and easy eco-friendly things we could start doing this Earth Day. By ‘start’ I mean start practicing these until the very last days our lives and not just because today is Earth Day and once it’s over, tomorrow we’ll have no guilt in going back to our dirty and earth-destroying ways.

Pick-up your trash – it’s a small piece of plastic candy wrapper or the terta-pak of your drink, for God’s sake the people who live near dump sites have far bigger problems than you do, so pick it up and put it in the proper trash bins.

Sort your trash – you’re either dumb or blind or just plain evil if you cannot put your trash in its proper trash bin. It has been labeled and color-coded properly and so obviously so that you’ll know which bin to throw in your trash.

Recycle or re-use what you can – bring a basket or huge bag whenever you go shopping, in the market or in the mall. You’d be surprised that you’ll no longer have to spend time getting rid of the dozens of plastic bags you brought home with you because instead of putting a small bottle of lotion or perfume straight into your hand bag or basket. If for now you’re too lazy to recycle your trash, bring it to your local junk shop or join a local recycling group in your community. It’s about time you bond with your neighbors for a good cause and not just to share gossip.

Stop burning your trash – it’s the lazy, Earth-destroyer way. Plus think of all the troubles you give your neighbor whenever you burn stuff on your backyard, front yard, sidewalk or even out on the streets. So you’re not a cave man so throw your trash in the proper bins.

Start composting – They say a great bulk of household trash is leftover food. Do the garbage collector a favor, bury your leftover food in your backyard, a pot or drum of soil and turn it into a compost. It’s your first step to gardening or a great boost if you’re already in it.

Not using it? Turn it off – unplug appliances and devices whenever it is not in use. It will shave a lot off your electricity bill, minimize the risk of having your house burned down and prolong the life of your appliances. Charge your cellphone, iPod, laptop and other gadgets only when the battery is low, it’s called rechargeable for a reason.

Clean up your engine and go for a tune-up – you may not fancy bio-diesel but the least you could do now is to make sure your engine is clean and in the right setup to maximize fuel efficiency. Once “green” cars do become available for the masses go get one. Remember, driving a vehicle is one of the most polluting thing we humans could do today.

Car pool or take the public transport – it doesn’t only save you on gas money but it also brings you closer to the community and less sin to Mother Nature. You would sometimes find it a more relaxing trip to just sit back and relax instead of driving a vehicle yourself.

Join the campaign to save our planet – we’re not asking you to go and duke it out against the whalers or careless oil, mining companies etc. Just become aware of the state of our environment and you’d find simple ways you can help clean it up and save it. Join a local environmental group or start one. God, Mother Nature and your grand children’s great grand children will remember you as a saint and hero.

Watch the “An Inconvenient Truth” later on HBO tonight at 9pm, we’re not saying you to worship Al Gore, we’re asking that you listen to what he’s going to say and what he’s going to show you. Trust me, it will spark something in you.

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  1. good tips jay. havent seen the inconvenient truth but i managed to watched 6degrees could change the world on natgeo. may these kind of film raise everyone's consciousness.

  2. hi

    its about time we starting practicing .. these are very simple steps to begin with… speaking of saving the earth, kindly email simple basic steps in making an environtally friendly products like bag, etc so can start doing and using as well..

    thanks 😉

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