10 blogging distractions

Woot! Mid term exams are now over! Things are slowly going back to normal for me; my blogging routine, reading times, studying for lessons, and hours spent using the pc. I’m quite full of ideas for future posts but everytime I sit down in front of the pc to put them into writing and finally through to posting, I end up spending hours without even starting a single line.

Why? I face so many distracting elements that steal my focus away from writing content. Today, I’m going to share them to everyone, I have a strong feeling many will be able to relate or add something to the list of distractions that gets in the way of us bloggers from posting content. So here we go…

Writer’s block is a constant given and so would not be inculded in the list, also because the list consists of distractions, that when not dealth with properly could easily and successfully turn into obstacles.

Gtalk1. IM clients – Yahoo! MSN Live messenger, Google Talk, GAIM whatever you use, you cannot help but veer away from the ‘compose post’ page of your blog to answer the PMs you recieve, click on the ‘new mail’ notification or just monitor the list of your chat buddies for friends loggin in or out.

player2. Your media player – WinAmp, Windows Media Player, iTunes; again whatever you use to listen to music, from your hardisk to online players, music (especially the ones that attract you the most or your latest LSS) would also distract you from writing good posts or even writing at all. You end up singing along or being teary for being nostalgic of the good times gone by but with no posts published and a pile of drafts instead.

3. Your Inbox is open – Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail. Almost everyone now has an e-mail inbox most often more than 2. There are two basic categories; the ‘power forwarder’ and the ‘super-clicker’. More often we are a combination of both.

e-mailThe ‘power forwarder‘ has developed the patience and skill to read long forwarded e-mails about jokes, porn, puzzles, cheezy messages about love, friendship, Jesus or being cursed and going to hell etc. Every person in their address book will not be spared by their seemnigly obssession to cause more traffic over the net and sometimes spam your inbox.

The ‘super-clicker‘ on the other hand has that innate urge to click links preceded by ‘click here’ jumping from one site to another until he realizes that he was actually writing a post a few hours ago.

4. Windows, windows windows – multi-tasking may have been made possible by the computer but really; can you keep on writing while you juggle and switch through your RSS reader, two or four blogs you’re reading, your favorite forum begging a reply from you or the lastest numskulls or ninja showing on youtube?

sms5. SMS messages – yup, just like with e-mail, most of the www users and bloggers alike owns a mobile phone. If you have two or three ‘textmates’, your bf or gf, your other friends constantly sending you SMS messages mostly just forwarded quotes or senseless messages and it would be rude not to send a reply to them. They all know your on unlimited text service of your network.

6. Pets – This is actually from a personal experience of mine. Wherein our dog would come in my room and start to lick my feet. It’s his way of telling me that he wants to play around. Can I resist such a cute puppy? πŸ˜‰

7. Lousy blog hosts – Your blog is hosted on a lousy service, unreliable and has a low usability rating. The ads even appear inside the blog’s control/admin panel. Sheesh!

8. Unreliable or slow connections – Your connection is unreliable. If you’re just posting entries with minimal graphics a dial-up connection would suffice. Of course, for the ultimate blogging and surfing experience, a broadband or cable connection is the way to go. However, the issue here is mainly about reliability. Being on a broadband or dial-up connection doesn’t really matter in this context. Dial-up users would suffer from difficulties in getting a connection or being cut off after a few hours, broadband users suffer from lousy service providers or network congestions. Remember those smart bro and just recently myDSL complaints?

9. Noisy Cafes – Take it from the experience of Sir Angelo Racoma, it seems that the library are indeed the only quite places to go to nowadays, or the cemetery or the church. Aside from noisy cafes, there are also nosy cafe users.

privacyYou get into a shop, (not Starbucks or any other A-class place), tell the person in charge you just want to use a pc for internet service because of number 8 above or you don’t have a pc at home. You’re given the unit number, you go look for it and OFMG! It’s right in the middle of two users playing online games. You take your chances, log in to your accounts, your blog included and as you type along (you’re quite in a hurry because the rate’s quite high) and every now and then you would feel and notice that the users flanking you take occassional peeks at your monitor screen and even spends a few seconds to actually read what you’re working on. It’s enough to make you borrow some of Garci’s infamous lines, “right to privacy!”

10. Power blockouts – No need to further explain this one. πŸ˜‰

Well, there you have it. 10 distractions that would make your blogging life a bit harder. If you know of other disctractions do share them because in a follow up post, we would talking about solutions to these trolls.

6 Replies to “10 blogging distractions”

  1. I’m in stitches here Jhay. Good post. Really can identify with these distractions. Guilty on 5 counts (2,3,4,7&8).

    2 – I can’t work without music. Since I’m homesick, I connect to iFM which is the easiest to log-on to.

    3 – Need to check mail every now and then.

    4 – I’m bringing homw work, so another window. I go blog hopping, since I’m not content with RSS, I have this need to see the blog itself…lol. Some blog trackers will get crazy with my ins and outs. Don’t worry, am reading. πŸ™‚

    7 – I spend more time waiting for blogger to upload my photo which most of the time don’t appear. Frustrating!

    8 – Our broadband service occupies a special place in local newspapers, especially the complaint section. Never a day without complains. πŸ™‚

  2. It’s a matter of getting in the mood to write, mate! What’s difficult is if you have deadlines (either self-imposed quotas or requirements by the blog network/owner). That sometimes takes the fun out of blogging.

  3. @ jangelo: Of course. I guess that would be number 11, πŸ˜‰

    Deadlines too can be such a pain, though most it comes from the self-imposed ones. I’m now writing for another blog, (gameshogun.ws) and that’s another self-imposed deadline to atleast make two posts for that blog a week. No real pressure yet but I’m feeling things getting a bit tighter.

    @ipanema: I actually based the post from my own experience, but since those elements have now become distractions to my work and blogging, I decided to trim down on some of them. Like I only listen to music when I’m just reading something while I use Darkroom to write stuf.

  4. naku juls. im kinda used to these noisy brats playing online games side-by-side with me.

    good thing, when i am in pampanga, my uncle's internet cafe has an area called "quiet room" dun ako usually nag bababad whole day. lalo na pag may madaming deadlines.

    ive also learned how to multi-task in the office, blogging while answering customer's inquiries. ehehe

  5. Eric, dati sanay ako sa mga ganun, kasi isa rin ako sa mga maingay kapag naglalaro. Pero ewan ko ba, naging mainitin ang ulo ko kapag ang iingay ng mga katabi ko lalo na kapag nagsusulat ako o nagbabasa ng blogs o ng mga onlayn content.

    Natutuwa talaga ako sa mga net cafes na may "quite room" o hiwalay kahit papaano ang mga gamers sa ordinary users.

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