1.5TB GoFlex Portable Drive by Seagate

Who needs more storage? Almost everyone I think. For years, I’ve been grappling with the urge to get a portable drive either by Seagate or Western Digital for my backup needs. However, since I’m not really a heavy media consumer, downloading roughly 5GB of videos and less than 2GB of music per month, the old 80GB IDE hard drive I had housed in an enclosure had been sufficient.

GoFlex 1.5TB portable driveAfter doing a system rebuild on my laptop and going back to Vista + Ubuntu Linux dual-boot setup afforded by a new 320GB Seagate hard drive for my laptop, the original 120GB drive have become my latest portable storage device. It’s more than enough at present, but the urge to get a portable storage device is still burning inside me. To make things worse, Seagate has just fanned those flames stronger with the latest addition to its GoFlex line of portable hard drives; the massive FreeAgent GoFlex 1.5TB.

Model Number STAA1500100
Interface USB 3.0
Capacity 1.5TB

Height 120mm (4.71 in)
Width 89mm (3.51 in)
Length 22mm (.87 in)
Weight (typical) 280g (.62 lb)
Shipping Weight .44kg (0.97 lb)

Encryption 192-bit Triple DES
Automatic Backup Software PC & Mac
Warranty 2 years

PC World took one of this babies for a spin and said that Seagate managed to reach the staggering 1.5TB capacity for a drive its size by increasing the capacity of the platters–375GB per platter, instead of 333GB per platter–and by adding a fourth platter inside the drive.

I really don’t mind if this drive is a slower than its 500GB FreeAgent GoFlex brother, that’s 1.5 terabytes of storage space! It would probably goad me to download more videos and music but it would still take me quite some time to fill it up.

How about you? What would you do if you have 1.5TB of portable storage space?

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  1. How much is it? Haha, I do want that kind of space in that portable a drive.

    However, I'm a bit hesitant to get anything from Seagate. There was a time when my friend and I both bought portable hard drives at around the same time – I bought WD, she got Seagate. She chose Seagate because it was significantly more affordable than the WD, despite both sharing the same capacity.

    After around 2 months, her Seagate drive crashed. She lost everything in it. Customer service was great in the sense that they immediately replaced her drive with a brand new one. But still, after that, Seagate just never seemed like a good idea.

    Have you tried it out?

    1. It sells for $229.99 over at the Seagate website. I haven't actually tried it though I've been using Seagate hard drives for my desktop and laptop for years now.

      They've usually lasted for 3 years and more. How one uses a hard drive plays a big role in how long it will last. I'm a bit particular, bordering on being OC, on the health of my hard drives so I regularly do maintenance on them like disk checks and de-fragmentations.

      It's an unfortunate thing for your friend to lose all her data and the drive replacement is but a small consolation. That's why it's just prudent to backup for your data for safekeeping. No matter how huge the capacity of your drive is, one crash is all it takes to wipe out your data. I burn the data on my external hard drive onto DVDs for archiving purposes.

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