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jrocas_profileKamusta? That means “Hello, how are you?” in Filipino. I’m Julius Rocas, you can call me Jhay, and I write the Four-eyed Journal.

This is my pseudo-personal blog where I share my thoughts, experiences, insights, helpful tips and occasional rants about technology, the web, health news or issues and even politics with the aim of contributing to people’s understanding and appreciation of these topics and how they could improve their lives with it. It may seem to sound a lot and a bit chaotic, blame this on my inter-disciplinary training, but this is how I like to look at things: from different perspectives so that we would know how to best approach such things when the time comes.

My other interests include history, philosophy, governance and politics, theater arts, indigenous/ethnic music, film and photography, books and Japanese anime.

I started blogging back in November of 2005. In June of 2006 I was blessed with this cool .com.ph domain for free in recognition of my positive blogging potential, keeping faithful to my mission of helping people understand and appreciate the web, technology, health and biology.

In a nutshell, here are the things I do

  • Writer/Researcher for various fields like biotechnology, environment, health sciences, history and social sciences.
  • Trainer for leadership, team-building seminars, organizational development and performing arts workshops.
  • Consultant – organizational planning and development, policy and strategy making and evaluation.
  • Advocacy and social engineering.
  • Community service and development.

ProBlogging Stints

At present I’m write/contribute for the following online publications:

Global Voices Online – an international community of bloggers who report on blogs and citizen media from around the world. You can read my author page to read my columns.

Indyposted.com – a news portal serving quick-to-read news for busy people.

Additionally, you can view my online profile/resume via my LinkedIn profile.

If you need help in setting up your own blog, customizing a theme, fixing or upgrading your blog and you think I’m just the guy for the job, do get in touch and I’ll do my best to help you out.

You can also connect with me on the following social media sites: Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon. You could find the neat stuff I found on the web on my del.icio.us page.

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Lastly, your comments, questions, feedback and other concerns regarding the articles are very much welcomed and appreciated, the comment forms are always open at the end of each article. Otherwise, should you want a more private connection, you could reach me via e-mail tru this addresses:

  • jhayrocas At gmail Dot com
  • jhay At jrocas Dot com Dot ph

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Licensing Policy

Alright, the basics, all of the original works or content in this blog are my properties (eg. articles, photos, videos, audio, illustrations etc.) except for the ones that are not mine originally. Those works and contents came from other sources, authors, contributors etc and I do my utmost best to identify and give them due credit.

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Creative Commons License

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Comment Policy

I allow and encourage a healthy and open discussion in the comments thread in every article posted, however just to set things straight, I subscribe to The Blog Herald Comment Policy in spirit and as adopted below:

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