Facebook: New emoji for diversity & forcing Messenger on everybody

A couple of days ago, Facebook released 1500 new emoji for its Messenger app. The new set of emoji feature not only simple design changes but incorporates more gender and race sensitivity: more female icons and skin color comes in white, black, brown and yellow (Minions?). Not only that, the icons are now standardized, it … Read more

Challenged by President Duterte

All throughout the recent Presidential campaign period, I have either been dismissive or downright critical of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte. Platform-wise, he offers a mixed-bag of gems and disappointments: the same discredited neo-liberal economic policies copied over from the outgoing Aquino administration as announced early on by his transition team His choice of cabinet secretaries some … Read more

Instead of Debates, Candidates should be put on a witness stand

So the latest trending news on social media is about how Davao City Mayor and Presidential Candidate was allegedly disrespected by a student from UPLB during the Q & A portion of a forum he attended. As expected, supporters of Duterte used social media to not only defend their candidate, they used social media to … Read more

If Jose Rizal ran for President, would you vote for him or not?

Last night, as I was thinking of what to write about Jose Rizal to commemorate his 119th death anniversary an idea dawned on me, well it’s more of a question really: “If Jose Rizal ran for President, would you vote for him? Why or why not?” And instead of answering the question my self through … Read more

Looking forward to new emoji, new keyboard, new font & new code for Android

The tweet of Android Senior Vice President Hiroshi Lockheimer says it all: Look! New emoji coming to #Nexus next week. Fonts and tech details shared with OEMs to include in their updates too. pic.twitter.com/GwvKw2d67p — Hiroshi Lockheimer (@lockheimer) December 3, 2015 It’s been more than a week now since he made the announcement but it’s … Read more